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No More Sheeple

Published May 18th 2020

Vaccines/Digital ID


I want to start this topic off by saying, I am NOT antivax. However vaccines also play a role in this. I want to repeat this quote: "Through vaccines, we can save lives and depopulate the planet by 10-15%". This was stated by the king of vaccines, Bill Gates himself... many many times. So exactly how are you supposed to save lives and at the same time depopulate the planet by 10-15%? Let me remind you that is pushing a billion people. Bill Gates has made it quite clear on many occasions that he believes in depopulation. Bill Gates has referred to himself during this pandemic as a "medical expert", he has had an immense amount of influence during this pandemic. Isn't it interesting how someone who worked with computers just magically becomes a "medical expert", that everyone is taking advice from? Isn't it also interesting how he is also behind ID2020 (will explain that in a bit). Governments all over the world are calling for this mandatory Covid 19 vaccine, "immunity passports" to show you have been vaccinated if you want any of your rights back, lockdown isn't going to end until we have this vaccine and can vaccinate the entire planet etc. All brought to you by yours truly Bill Gates. I'm going to explain below all the reasons you shouldn't touch anything coming from him with a 10ft pole. Oh and fun fact, Bill Gate's kids are NOT vaccinated. This topic isn't only about Bill Gates however there is more to it then just him.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has intentionally killed, sterilized, and paralyzed millions of innocent people with their vaccines. Promising to eradicate polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India's National Advisory Board. He mandated 50 polio vaccinations PER child before the age of 5. It does not take a medical expert to know something is seriously wrong with 50 vaccines for a child under 5. The result was a vaccine strain polio epidemic which paralyzed nearly 500,000 kids, the Indian government evicted Gates and dialed back on his vaccine regime. Polio paralysis dropped significantly. WHO (who is owned by Bill Gates), later admitted that the epidemic did in fact come from their vaccine. This was not the only country with this problem which was proven to be linked with his vaccine. By 2018 3/4 of global polio cases were from Gate's vaccine.

In 2014 the Gates Foundation funded tests for experimental HPV vaccines, on 23,000 young girls (guinea pigs/lab rats to him) in India. 1200 of those girls suffered severe side affects, including autoimmune disease, fertility disorders, and death. It was found that Gate's funded researchers committed ethical violations. Pressuring vulnerable village girls to do the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls.

In 2010 the Gates Foundation funded a trial of GSK's experimental malaria vaccine. Which killed 151 African infants. 1000-5000 infants had severe adverse reactions including seizures, febrile convulsions, and paralysis.

In 2002 Gates's operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children for meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers stated they were guinea pigs.

In 2010 Gates committed $10 million to the WHO, publicly promising to reduce the population through new vaccines. In 2014 WHO was accused of sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women through a tetanus vaccine. Labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying charges, WHO finally admitted they had been making sterility vaccines for a decade. Similar accusations came from many other countries. 

A 2017 study shows that WHO's DTP vaccine is killing more African children then the disease itself. Vaccinated children have 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children. Gates and WHO have refused to recall the deadly vaccine which is forced upon millions of African children yearly. 

Global Health advocates around the world accuse Gates of hijacking WHO's agenda away from projects that are proven to curb infectious disease, clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development, in order to serve his own personal vaccine agenda. In addition to having control over WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, PATH, NPR, CEPI, Our World Health in Data, BBC health coverage, ABC news health coverage, Imperial College, and many others, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. There is also a massive network of industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, fraudulent studies, conducting surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy, using Gates' power and money to coerce compliance. He also funded The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the Global Financing Facility, as well as funds agricultural and other research. Gates is also involved with Monsanto which has been called "the most evil company in the world", and funds the lab grown meat project, yes he even has control over our food. Basically, he has control over virtually everything health related and much more.


Bill Gates is not the only one to put bad stuff in vaccines, I will outline this quickly before getting back to the Covid 19 vaccine. Again, I am not antivax, but we need to use some common sense and pick and choose what we need and what we don't. First off, the flu shot has been proven to make you more susceptible to guess what... coronaviruses, as much as 36% more susceptible, as well as other viruses. Meanwhile people are being pressured to get the flu shot during Covid 19. 

Some of the contents that have been proven to be in vaccines include organs which have been harvested from aborted fetuses, in which fetal cells are used to make vaccines.Which isn't just and ethical issue but they also re sequence the DNA to cause things like cancer. As well as cells from the blood, brain, kidneys, heart, embryo, serum, eggs and others from, monkeys, cows, pigs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks, sheep, and more. Viruses from monkeys, and pigs have also been found in vaccines and infected individuals who got said vaccine. Human albumin is also used in making vaccines, which is supposed to be removed from the final product. If any remained however it could be extremely dangerous if your body develops antibodies against the serum. Substances are also found in vaccines which are cancer causing, poisonous, neurotoxins, toxic to cells, can cause birth defects, genetic mutations, brain damage, neurological diseases and conditions, autoimmune disease, can cause extreme allergic reactions, and possibly link to Autism. In terms of Autism, today 1% of the world's population has Autism which comes out to 79 million. In 1991 when they came up with the National Vaccine Initiative cases of Autism was 1/10,000, now 25 years later it is 1/29. 

Experimental vaccine trials have also been conducted in a very inhumane manner. Including testing experimental vaccines on those in 3rd world countries, and those "who won't be contributors to society". Something a lot of people seem to have brushed off, or maybe just didn't see, was something very suspicious going on in Africa. Just recently Africans were posting videos pleading for help, due to being forced to take what they were being told is the Covid 19 vaccine. People were being rounded up on the streets, even stopped at the side of the road. And both adults and children were having adverse reactions, with some instantly dropping dead when being given this apparent Covid 19 vaccine. Of course these videos were quickly banned all over the internet so maybe not many people saw them. What the heck was going on there? 

Vaccines are also being used irresponsibly. For example why are we giving so many vaccines to newborn babies, or babies period? A baby's immune system is not fully developed until 6 months - 1 year of age. Which means any vaccines given before then will do literally nothing as the immune system is not mature enough to mount an immune response to the vaccine. A lot of people don't seem to understand how vaccines actually work, I have seen a lot who believe a vaccine kills the virus/bacteria, or that it strengthens your immune system. Vaccines are very simple in how they work, all you're doing is introducing a dead or weakened virus/bacteria so that your body can make antibodies that recognize it, without actually getting sick. That way when you're next exposed to that virus or bacteria, your body recognizes it quickly and destroys it before you can get sick. In other words it uses the immune system you already have, to keep you healthy. So if you don't have a developed immune system when under a year old, how exactly is that going to work? The answer is it can't, we are filling babies full of harmful substances for no reason. A lot of people will also try to tell you that babies do not have any protection against illness without vaccines, this is NOT true. Babies get antibodies from the mother through colostrum in the milk which protects them until their own immune system can take over. This is the same for all mammals not just people. The amount of vaccines we give to kids is astonishing. Vaccines are a good thing, but it has been taken over by the wrong people.

I am also going to relay some information from Dr. Judy Mikovits, who has made some very strong accusations about the dangers of vaccines. Dr. Mikovits has a doctorate in molecular biology, with nearly 4 decades of experience in science including more then 35 years experience with Dr. Frank Resketty, who is one of the founders of the field of human retrovirology. She also was part of the research committee for HIV/AIDS during its epidemic. Dr. Mikovits has extensive experience in research and studies done on vaccines. And when she and co-workers published their studies showing that vaccines are hugely responsible for cancer, autism, and many serious diseases, her life was threatened, she was imprisoned and her career destroyed, with a gag order that prevented her from speaking out for a number of years, because she would not retract the papers and post an apology. Fauci along with the NIAID were responsible for having the papers retracted, along with 30 years of her research being wiped from the computers at her multiple offices. She is now speaking out again and makes the following claims. Their studies found that people in the US and London had extremely high contamination in their blood. And that vaccines were contaminated with serious diseases, mostly from animals. Including cancer and neuro-immune disease causing viruses from mice, blood diseases, coronaviruses from dogs, and more. She claims that the media and journalism sites are paid off to only publish information the government wants us to see and that little of it is based on any science. She also claims that many of the epidemics we have had were strains caused by vaccines, similar to the vaccine strain polio outbreak from Gates. Blaming vaccines for 10's of millions of deaths worldwide. Dr. Mikovits believes there should be an official inquiry from the US on if vaccines are a crime against humanity. Will post her videos on this site which explain in better detail. Since speaking out Dr Mikovitts has been demonized and falsely discredited by the MSM and videos interviewing her are immediately banned and taken down by Youtube and Facebook.

In regards to the Covid 19 vaccine, no one has EVER been successful in creating a "safe" vaccine against a coronavirus (and there are many out there including SARS). Human and animal trials have either resulted in instantly killing the subject, or causing far more serious disease when exposed to what you're being vaccinated for. So how exactly are they planning on fast tracking a Covid 19 vaccine when this is actually something that has never been accomplished?       


So after reading that do you REALLY want Bill Gate's MANDATORY Covid 19 vaccine? Which he states as of May 1st will be coming out in 9 months?! Do you really want to be part of his depopulation agenda? People on my Facebook friends list are all planning on flocking to this vaccine! Polls have shown that up to 80% of people in some areas are in support of the vaccine being mandatory! We have no way of knowing what will be inside this. Not only that but they have skipped animal trials and gone straight to human trials, people are already getting the vaccine, which is contrary to all best practices for new vaccines. Not to mention the fact that making a vaccine mandatory is violating our basic rights. Even worse, it has been admitted that this vaccine will be a DNA based vaccine which works through modifying your DNA (still thinking you want this?). This is something that is in experimental stages and has never before been used in humans (normally vaccines like this would take 15-20 years to complete). This defies everything that a vaccine is, which is exposing you to a dead or weakened contagion. A DNA vaccine does not inject you with any virus or bacteria so you can make antibodies that recognize it. What it does is in combination with nanotechnology, they are injecting you with "programmed" DNA. This DNA is supposed to program your cells into creating something that looks exactly like a virus. So in simple terms, the goal is to "corrupt" your own cells so that your body fights against your own cells as if it was a virus. Which sounds totally safe, plus why wouldn't I want nanotechnology in me? So on top of never being able to make a coronavirus vaccine before that isn't dangerous, they are going against how every vaccine works and trying to do something completely different, all in a rushed timeline.

Also, lets look back at Gates' predictions. He predicted a pandemic years before it happened, not only a pandemic, but a coronavirus, similar to SARS but worse. He even predicted it would come out of the Wuhan market, which Fauci and others concurred with. And now what are they saying? Wave 2 is going to come, maybe wave 3, tons more people are going to die and we will have to lockdown again. He is even now talking about pandemic 2! Yes he has stated that pandemic 2 will for sure be coming. Watch what these people say, because chances are it will all happen since its all coming from the cult and their plans. Going back to the contaminated vaccine issue, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if "pandemic 2" comes out of the Covid 19 vaccine everyone is planning on getting. Except something that actually is super deadly this time. After all WHO does own a patent on Ebola, Bill Gates owns a patent on coronavirus (convenient isn't it), yes you can actually own viruses!   


But what is the real reason behind this vaccine? As talked about earlier, it is about control which is a lot more scary than whatever contents could be inside it. Bill Gate's has let it slip that he is in fact planning on identifying anyone who has and hasn't had the vaccine through digital ID. There are a few different kinds of digital ID in the making, for the sake of making it simple I will use the word microchip even though it isn't really a true microchip. Once you get your Covid 19 vaccine, your going to become a walking tracker, its that simple.

The Gates Foundation has already been funding a digital ID project for 6 years. One of the new "microchips" that will be coming out is a quantum-dot-tattoo. Which is basically an, invisible tattoo with all your information on it, which is also btw... funded by the Gates Foundation and has been stated that it will be injected WITH vaccines. Next we have your RFID implants, which normally go in your hand and are already being used in the real world. On the note of RFID chips I wanted to tell this quick story. I came across someone on Facebook who was very upset claiming they went to the hospital thinking they had Covid. When they got there, they were put under against their will, and when they woke up they were told by the doctors "this will cure your Covid 19", with xrays of RFID chips in both his hands and something unidentifiable in his finger. He didn't even know what they were before he posted, there were xrays and pics of his recovering hands to prove it. So yes, that is happening. I have heard similar stories coming from other people going to the hospital and doctors trying to force them to go into surgery right away without even being examined!!

Next on the list we have ID2020, which is run by guess who... the Gates Foundation! Microsoft has also made an alliance with the following companies for ID2020. Accenture, IDEO, Gavi (just that vaccine company that is funded and owned by Bill Gates), and the Rockefeller Foundation (big surprise we're back to that name again). ID2020 is a quest to bring digital ID to all the people of the world, ID which has everything about you in it (I mean everything). As well as being able to use it... for just about everything including credit cards, online banking, passports, social media accounts and much more. We also have nanochips/smart dust. Which are literally "nanomachines" that track you and have all your info, the size of dust, they can be sprayed on you, consumed, injected, and you would never notice. They also have the ability to REPLICATE once inside you and CHANGE your DNA. Any Star Trek fans here? Well smart dust is basically exactly the same as the Borg.

But wait.. there is more! And as always, it goes back to Bill Gates. Bill Gates is now involved with DARPA, I suggest you do research on DARPA as they too have an agenda, but its really a different discussion from this topic. Now however DARPA, along with Bill Gates, and funding from the Military are planning on coming out with this. A Military funded biosensor, which is perhaps more disturbing then the microchips. To make it simple, this is basically a gel that is injected into you. This gel is then supposed to detect when you are getting sick (with anything), weeks before you get symptoms, and it then notifies whoever is hiding behind closed doors. They say it is to "prevent future pandemics before they can start". Just imagine the level of control this could give them. The government could force you to lockdown just because this thing says you may get sick weeks from now, probably force you to go to the hospital and get "treatment" for whatever might make you sick in the future. In other words they now have an excuse to lock anyone up, anytime they want, and probably an excuse to fill you full of drugs on a "what if" basis. And just another note, we're all exposed to germs all the time, we have viruses and bacteria in us constantly. Most of the time our immune system fights it off before symptoms can show, you need it in very large amounts to actually make you sick. Which makes the legitimacy of something like this pretty questionable.

The bigger picture here is that the Covid 19 vaccine will be injecting you with a form of digital ID. They will now have all information on you, know everything about your life, and you won't even know it. Remember all the people telling us that we won't be able to come out of lockdown without the Covid 19 vaccine? That we will have restrictions on us if we have not been vaccinated? That we will have vaccination "passports" or other way of proving vaccination? Picture this... the Covid 19 vaccine finally comes out, but you decide you don't want it. A few months in you want to go on a flight, you arrive but they won't let you on because you have not been vaccinated aka don't have the microchip. Fast forward you want to go to the store to buy groceries, but your card is declined. You try to order supplies online, but it won't let you. You want to go for a drive, you're stopped and told you're not allowed on the roads. This is the kind of control they will be able to have over you. Remember the New World Order wants everything to be automated, no more cash (all payments will go through your Digital ID) etc because then they have total control over everything you can and can't do. It's already happening in some places, people are paying for things and getting through locked doors etc with implants. Just look at China, everything is automated there, millions of surveillance cameras, the government can find you in minutes. China is like the New World Order's testing grounds, except the real New World Order will be much worse.

Want further proof? Lets look at the Covid 19 vaccine trial in the US that went on (which people lined up for). They were injecting people with the vaccine, and immediately afterwards using a machine to electronically "zap" the person at the injection site. Since when do you need to be zapped by a machine for a vaccine to work? Since when has that ever been done? Microchips being activated come to mind? 

More proof as to why digital ID is a bad idea. Lets look at this statement from the Chief Technical Officer at BiChip, which made the worlds first "microchip" which contains all your personal ID, payment methods etc. “I am the Beast at the end of the Bible, and I promise I will destroy the planet. I am going to get a group of terrible people to run this world, so get ready for my New World Order.” Yes this person obviously has some serious mental issues, but that is the point, these are the kinds of people behind this. People who have tried to expose what they want to do with digital ID and who have tried to question further on his statements, have received death threats from the company and apparently huge bribes in cryptocurrency to not publish anything. This man is a Satanist. Even worse the entire reason he started the BiChip company with several other people, is because he actually believes that he is the Beast foretold in the Bible, and he wants to use microchip implants made by BiChip, as his literal ‘Mark of the Beast’. His microchips are sold to governments worldwide. Everything involved here always goes back to the CULT.

Now we're back to Bill Gates again. Microsoft has gotten a patent numbered WO-2020-060606 and titled Cryptocurrency System Using Body Data Activity. In short, through Digital ID Bill Gates wants to use your brain as a "mining operation". Basically, he wants to use your brain power to mine cryptocurrency. Why not turn us all into computers? 

Lastly, I want to come back to the quantum-dot-tattoos because there is an important detail here. As I said before, quantum-dot-tattoos are an "invisible ink". But if it's invisible, how do authorities see it to know you have it? The answer is through a special device the ink will show up, because of an enzyme called "luciferase". That's right, Bill Gates through vaccines will be injecting you with invisible ink containing luciferase. Guys, this is all so OBVIOUS what their intentions are. Anyone can find this information it is public! Yet we are all too blinded by fear to see what is happening. Nicholas Rockefeller even admitted, that the New World Order's plan was to have the entire planet microchipped as a big part of executing the total control they want.

For much more shocking information please read the remaining topics from the menu or you can go to the original article. This is not the finished peice and there is a lot more to the story! 

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