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  • New World Order
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No More Sheeple

Published May 18th 2020



The New World Order/One World Government/Illuminati play a big role in everything discussed above, and what is going to be discussed after this topic. No, this is not a conspiracy theory (that is what they want you to believe), we have proof it exists, video proof even (go look it up!), there are signs all over wide in the open that it is very real. The Illuminati and its offshoots are basically a satanic worshiping cult. Performing dark rituals including making human sacrifices, particularly children, cannibalism, and drinking blood of their victims. The Illuminati is full of people with power, those in our government and those with a lot of money and influence etc as well as many celebrities, people you wouldn't expect.


 Their ultimate goal is to create a New World Order also called a One World Government. What they want is for these few elite people to have complete control over everyone on the planet. Which means no more elected politicians or government as we know it, no more economy as we know it, no more cash, everything is automated therefore everything can be controlled. It is worse than communism and no one would have any sort of freedom, they have complete control over everything you do. Not only that but they also have a goal of depopulation. They already actively have control over much of our lives. You likely have seen their pyramid symbol with the "all seeing eye" (its on American money for crying out loud). This is how they work, at the top of the pyramid you have the few elite people within the cult who control us. The further down the pyramid you go, the more prevalent these people are in society, but they know less and less the further down you go. Until you get to the bottom where people have no idea what is actually going on. Everyone takes orders from their superiors, those of higher authority. Some may question where their information is coming from, but most will just follow what they are told like the sheep we are or out of fear for their own well being. Those people of higher authority take orders from their superiors, and so on. Until you're once again at the top where the true orders are coming from, it's all a chain of command. It is a secret society and this is how they operate to get us to follow what they want without actually showing themselves. 


A plan for a New World Order has been in the making for many years. There are documents, and statements from many people that prove what their plans are. They have simply been waiting for the right opportunity. I quote David Rockefeller here, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order". Does something come to mind there? Something called Covid 19 maybe? This is how they are going to do it, through brainwashing the people into accepting having their rights taken away, it has already begun. They will do it through promises for health, safety, better technology etc. They have also created chaos to turn us against each other. Look at how people treat each other based off race, religion, political opinion etc. Plus right now everyone is treating each other like they are carriers of the black death itself. They are turning neighbors against each other, trying to get us to spy on others. They are sitting back laughing at our stupidity while we bicker amongst ourselves arguing and hating each other over stupid things, totally ignorant to what is happening. When what we should really be doing is uniting against a much bigger problem. They have even created wars, they have stated so many times how much they love war, they planned 911 and the wars that came after etc, they have been controlling every step of the way. 

 I found a document labeled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. Which was created by guess who... the Rockefeller Foundation. It was published in 2010 and here they present a scenario called Lockstep which is eerily similar to... Covid 19. Lockstep is a scenario which leads "to a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership". They present this, "the pandemic the world has been anticipating for years finally hits" (think back to Bill Gates and all his pandemic predictions/simulations as well as predictions from others who have ties with Bill Gates). "The virus is extremely virulent and deadly, nations are quickly overwhelmed as the virus streaks across the world. The pandemic also has a deadly affect on economies (sounds familiar?), international mobility of people and goods screeches to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, shops and business buildings sit empty for months, devoid of employees and customers." These are not my words these are Rockefeller predictions from 10 years ago. Now I want you to look at this next part carefully.

"The virus spreads like wildfire throughout the planet, not only in underdeveloped areas with limited containment protocols, but in developed countries containment was a challenge. The United States initial policy of strongly discouraging citizens from flying proved deadly" (as in not enough action early enough). "Which accelerates the spread of the virus not only in the US but across boarders." Now comes the good bit. "However a few countries did fare better, China in particular. The Chinese government's quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant sealing off all boarders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier then in other countries. Enabling a swifter post-pandemic recovery". And that is exactly when happened isn't it? China takes extreme action early on, then after a relatively short time they are miraculously free of the virus and go back to normal, a country with that many people is suddenly all good which sets the standard for the rest of the world to follow. Now WHO etc can say to the rest of the world "look it worked for China so we have to do the same thing!" But wait, there is more! 

"China's government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions. From the mandatory wearing of face masks, to body temp checks at the entries to communal spaces" (body temp checks have been going on a lot and face masks are mandatory in some areas). "Even after the pandemic, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck, and even INTENSIFIED." (This is whats coming folks its already happening). "In order to protect themselves from increasing global problems such as pandemics, terrorism, and environmental crises" (their excuse), "leaders around the world take a firmer grip of power. At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up their sovereignty, and their privacy. In exchange for the promise of greater safety and stability. Leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit. This heightened oversight takes many forms, for example biometric IDs for all citizens". I'm not going to put everything the document says or we will be here for a very long time, a couple more things however."The presence of so many top-down rules and norms greatly inhibits entrepreneurial activity. Scientists and innovators are told by governments what research lines to pursue, leaving other research areas largely untapped". The rest of the document goes onto explain further things that happen from the control, technologies developed to control us, and mentions the eventual push back from citizens once they become suspicious of what has happened.

The media brainwashes everyone into thinking they know what is going on when really we have no idea. People are laid off, and out of a job, those who live off paychecks are suddenly in serious trouble, so then who do they rely on to survive? The government of course! Businesses are shut down, the economy collapses. Remember the New World Order WANTS the economy to collapse, it's part of the plan. Not only that but the amount of FOOD wastage is incredible. Farmers are being ordered to kill all their livestock (were talking millions dead for no reason when there are starving people in the world, it is a CRIME), they are aborting pregnancies, crops are being run over, all in the name of social distancing (meanwhile NASA is still allowed to do launches). Remember Kissinger stated, if you control the food you control the people. In many areas you're not even allowed to purchase seeds now. Not to mention Bill Gates' ties in lab grown meat which will be coming out next, but that will be explained more in a bit. They have locked away everyone in their houses, our only insight into the outside world is our devices which are feeding us false information and fear. Neighbors are being turned against each other, we are suppose to report each other if we are possibly violating any social distancing rules. We can't gather with others in any sort of way which limits communication, this is all feeding the fear mongering and finding out the real facts.

People are being fined, and ARRESTED for being in public while still following the social distancing rules. For example a father was arrested for being within 6ft of his SON, a woman was walking in a park alone with her dog and was fined for "standing in place for more then 2 minutes". You're not allowed to go on a walk by yourself, but you're allowed to stand in a lineup at Walmart. What about the 6ft rule anyway? It must be the magical number where the virus stops spreading! Actually being at least 6ft away from each other makes it much easier for surveillance cameras to identify you and follow where your going. Cameras are setup all over the place already, they can instantly tell who you are and keep track of everything you do, there are millions of them in China. They are taking advantage of the lockdown to setup further measures of control without us noticing which will be explained in detail later. We already have the clues that lockdown is not going to subside anytime soon or as it has been stated "possibly ever". They claim they need to find a vaccine first (will explain in detail later), which of course people are going to flock to. What is going to come next? They will make more and more excuses to keep their lockdown, we will all have digital ID and other ways to track us (already happening and will explain later), they are going to aim to have extreme control over every aspect of our lives, even as simple as buying food. Which we are probably going to freely give them at first with no protest. If we do not stand up for our rights soon, we will be living in a world worse then Nazi Germany.

Also something newly developed during the writing of this article, the US, is now making "child concentration camps". This is not a joke, it is really happening. You think were not approaching the level of Nazi Germany? Oh yes we are, they call them "quarantine facilities". There have been many videos of police taking people's kids and babies away from them if they violate any social distancing rules etc. In the US now, anyone who is getting any benefits/money from the government, are required to get tested for Covid 19. If they do not get tested by a set date, their benefits will be suspended. Not only that but, if anyone in your family tests positive, they can come take your kids away (anyone under 18), and are going to be placing them in these camps. The New World Order is unfolding before our very eyes.  


This may sound ridiculous and like a sci-fi movie, but it isn't a joke. This is not the only document containing their predictions and plans. Plus just look at Bill Gates, Fauci, and other people connected to the cult and you will see they have been predicting this for years publicly. You think Event 201 was just a coincidence? Even Fauci stated when President Trump was elected that an "unexpected pandemic WILL be coming within the next couple years" and that the new administration will have to deal with it. Think of what is happening right now. The pandemic which had been simulated and stated was coming finally came, the pandemic is an "unknown", which puts fear into the people. This gives us that major crisis we needed. Governments tell us we're all going to die, it's a deadly disease like no other. Lockdown measures are put into place slowly, bit by bit. Getting the people more accepting as time goes on. 

 People from this cult are planted all over the world, right under our noses. Including people you wouldn't even think of such as many celebrities etc. Speaking of celebrities, just thought I would put this in here as something that happened during the writing of this article. Celine Dion has come out with her new children's clothing line. Filled with clothes covered in skulls, devil horns and get this, Illuminati cult symbols. Including the very symbols that can be found inside Bohemian Grove. They talk in interviews mentioning the "New Order" a number of times, shirts in their commercials on babies have "New Order" on them with satanic symbols everywhere. Gee I wonder what they are referring to? As well a picture of a child wearing a mask of the "Sabbatic Goat" called Baphomet (which is also a logo for Satanism) while holding satanic books. These people are slowly revealing themselves, they are all over.

 The CIA is controlled by the cult, Hollywood, FEMA, United Nations is all controlled by the cult, even DISNEY was built from the cult. Hasn't anyone ever noticed how creepy most Disney movies are? I always thought so, even before I knew this, I mean lets face it no wonder kids have nightmares and are scared of monsters under their beds. Walt Disney, who everyone thinks was a great person, was high up in the Freemasons, he was a 33rd degree Mason. The CIA, who is run by the cult, helped fund the land purchase to build Disney World. And if you look at Disney movies, you will find they are ALL full of Illuminati satanic symbols, I literally have not found a single kids Disney movie yet that isn't saturated with it. It's plain as day in some with "Ask Illimunati" SPELLED OUT on white boards in schools, or on eye charts etc (go look up pics!). As well as a plethora of symbols such as the all seeing eye, Illimunati hand signs, and many other satanic symbols. This stuff is even hidden in some Disney World rides. Disney also has an "elite" club called the Disney Masonic Club, also called Club33, with a $100,000/yr fee to join. It isn't limited to Disney either, our kids are being bombarded with this crap and we don't even realize it. Also, ever wonder how the Simpsons keep predicting the future? They predicted Trump's presidency, they even predicted this pandemic, as well as "murder hornets" coming out during the pandemic (which has happened), and many other things. They too are filled with Illuminati symbols, and I would be willing to bet this is how they keep predicting the future, since its all planned. You will also find this in an enormous number of movies everywhere. Not to mention Microsoft's latest commercial put out on Easter, where they hired a well known Satanist who did.. certain rituals for the commercial. It is all hidden in plain site yet we are too blind to see it.


The first thing I am going to list here is, ever wonder who actually owns WHO and who started it? The Answer is, the Rockefellers started it, and Bill Gates is their #1 funder since the US dropped out. Considering Bill Gates owns it and who started it, I would say WHO just lost all their credibility. Not to mention Tedros who is their lead spokesperson, I would suggest also looking him up. Notice how they have been making the wrong calls through the whole pandemic? Well those have been the right calls for the cult. Gates also funds many other health based organizations. Just go take a look at all the people who go to the Bilberberg meetings, or how about Bohemian Grove. Go take a look at the people in your government, and see how their people connect to the media, what you will find is shocking, it's all connected! Look who one of "the worlds leading experts on infectious disease" is...think Fauci isn't in on this? Of course he is! Notice how the media and the US are following all his advice and completely dismissing information from actual medical experts? Again I suggest looking up Fauci for who he really is, someone who should be in jail. He's not the only person in power who shouldn't be giving out any medical advice. 

So many people in power are in on this, and our politicians simply do what they are told or the politicians themselves are in it. Clintons? Obama? They are massively into this as well as so many others. Royal family? They are some of the worst out there. Remember that recent video of a naked child climbing out of a palace window with sheets he made into a rope when he then fell to his death? Ever wonder why the child was in the palace and why he was so desperate he tried to climb out the window to escape? Catholic church? Yes they are also in on it, and I'm not saying that Catholics are a part of this. But the Catholic Church and the Pope are very much guilty. Anyone ever looked at pics of the Vatican Audience Hall where the Pope preaches? For a place that is supposed to be related to Christianity teachings, isn't it kind of strange that the inside and outside of the building are made to look exactly like a snake? Isn't it kind of strange that where the Pope stands there is a huge sculpture of a flying lizard/snake/person thing? Seriously, go look at the pictures it's clear as day.

One video was caught from the White House with a reporter and someone from the White House who were speaking, not knowing the mic was turned on. I will quote what they said here. "Whats up buddy" (reporter), "What do you know man? (white house guy talking)". "You can take off the mask. The case fatality rate is like 0.1 to 0.3% according to USC". "Thats reassuring, everybody here has been vaccinated anyway (white house guy talking!)". "USC and LA County Public Health have come out with a study, they found that there's 7000 cases in California. They really believe its more like 221,000 to 442,000 people who were infected". "Really". "Yeah" "So its all a HOAX". Well there you have it, straight from the White House "they have all been vaccinated anyway", so what exactly is the thing Bill Gates is inventing? What exactly are they doing human trials on? 

Or how about this, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, also works for WHO which they have tried to keep hidden. She said this in a 2010 documentary:"You could track people, put bracelets on their arms", "Police checkpoints are set up, Everyone leaving the city is required to show proof of vaccination. Those who refuse to cooperate ARE TAKEN AWAY TO TEMPORARY DETENTION CENTERS". News flash, this is what Canada is already doing. If you go to the hospital and they suspect you as Covid, you cannot leave unless they put a tracking bracelet on you as well as force you to install a tracking app, which you cannot take off otherwise it notifies them and the cops come to get you. "Everyone is required to show proof of vaccination", this is what all these people have already stated is going to happen. You won't be able to come out of lockdown or do anything unless you can show proof you got the Covid 19 vaccine. Sure even if it's mandatory you should still be able to decline the vaccine legally, but that won't help you if you can't leave your house or go buy food without your proof of vaccination. WAKE UP, am I starting to paint a picture yet? 

I didn't write this following bit but I couldn't have said it better myself so I will put it here. "WELL, WELL, WELL!! Isn’t it just an interesting coincidence that Remdesivir is made by Gilead and is the “CURE” for COVID-19....and here’s where it gets interesting China holds the patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan and you’ll never guess who are the main financial investors in UNITAID....none other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO. I know what your thinking! It’s just all a coincidence isn’t it! Oh, don’t let me forget the other coincidence that Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Oh, silly me I forgot one more coincidence Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses......I sure am thankful it’s all just coincidences! Nothing to see here just keep moving along....WOW! No wonder Fauci slapped down hydroxychloroquine which has a 92% success rate...he was told to!!"


I'm going to put a few quotes here from some of our fellow elites. Brought to you by Gates, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Warburg, Bormann, Bush, Schlesinger, Hitler (hes basically a member who decided he wanted to do it all himself), Pope John Paul, Chishelm, Cronkite etc.      

For much more shocking information please read the remaining topics from the menu or you can go to the original article. This is not the finished peice and there is a lot more to the story! 

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