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  • Introduction
  • Covid 19
  • New World Order
  • Vaccines/Digital ID
  • 5G/Neuralink
  • How It All Comes Together
  • Conclusion

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No More Sheeple

Published May 18th 2020



I'm hoping you have read the entire article and have been able to piece this together yourself, but I will put a summary here. It's not hard to understand, the point of everything discussed here is this. Create fake pandemic > deploy inhuman technology > mandate vaccine which contains digital ID and possibly dangerous virus causing contents > brainwash the population to accepting control for long enough until they have the ability to take control themselves > ultimately use all this to take complete control of everyone on the planet. I say to you, this is a WAR without a single shot being fired. This is FASCISM, this is NAZI GERMANY globally, this is pure EVIL, this is a psychological game, it is MIND CONTROL at its finest.

The people who have the ability to question what they are being told, people who have proof to discredit this whole thing are being silenced. A scientist recently who was about to publish "breakthrough findings about Covid 19" was conveniently found murdered and his assailant also found dead, how convenient. Lots of convenient suicides happening, lots of strange disappearances.

 Or how about the latest bill introduced to the White House? The bill is called this, I kid you not, 6666. Isn't it interesting all the things called 666 these days. This bill will make it legal for the government/military to come into your home, and if anyone is suspected sick they can take those family members out of your home including your kids to "concentration camps". I mean the only thing they haven't done so far is put us in gas chambers but its probably coming. They are testing this in California already, even though this isn't actually legal yet. Even though it hasn't been officially passed yet the state medical officer says it "WILL" happen nationwide. Just go back to earlier in the article when I mention the actual "quarantine camps" the US government is setting up where they will take your kids. People who receive benefits/money from the government are being warned that they all have to get tested for Covid by a specific date. If they don't their benefits will be suspended. If you test positive, they have the right to take your kids away (anyone under 18) to these "quarantine camps" aka Nazi Germany concentration camps. And it has already been stated that it will happen in many other countries. This is complete insanity! 

 Or how about Denmark, where they have stated they will not end lockdown until a vaccine is found. And once a vaccine is found, the military will be able to come into your home and force you to get vaccinated. Lockdown is being lessened up in some areas now, but don't be deceived we still have more waves coming after all. Plus the so called "opened up" areas have rules in place still that are total insanity, they are not actually opened up. We are being ruled by people who desire nothing more then power. The few politicians and other people with authority who are not in on this, who knows what is being done to them. They could be drugged and brainwashed for all we know, and yes this really does happen. The CIA etc has brainwashing and mind control abilities, and technology far beyond what most people think possible.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking of debunking this article, which I am sure will be banned everywhere and "fact checked" by everything. Just figured I would let you know that all your fact checkers are a joke. The fact checker that facebook and google use, guess who their biggest funder is, just that guy named Bill Gates. Not kidding he even owns the fact checkers. Oh and google who uses this fact checker funded by Bill Gates, also has a $760 million partnership with the world's larges vaccine manufacturer. Google also has similar partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies. Snopes is also corrupt, I could go on and on. 


So how are we going to make a difference? There are far more of us then there are of them. We need to take our rights back. The most dangerous part in this whole thing, is people with no knowledge of what is going on. OR people who know what is going on, but won't do anything about it. This is how they get you, this is how they take control and this is why they are sitting back laughing at how clueless/useless we are. I do not condone violence, but this is what I suggest. 

We are currently prisoners in our own country, and in our homes. Get out of your caves! Go out into the world, and live a normal life. Business owners, open your businesses. If you don't want to wear a mask (which is actually more harmful then good), and you don't want to social distance, then don't do it. Get out and PROTEST this lockdown, demand that everything be opened up. Protest the rollout of 5G, to those of you burning the towers down good for you. REFUSE to take the vaccine and any sort of Digital ID. Sign petitions to have this stuff stopped. If thousands of people in all your communities come out and do this, what are they going to do? They can't arrest thousands of people, they wouldn't be able to do anything. Most of all SHARE INFORMATION, there are so many people who only believe and see what the mainstream media is telling us. Share this article, share the videos, share the proof. Get the knowledge out there faster than they can censor it. DON'T BE A SHEEPLE!!   


For much more shocking information please read the remaining topics from the menu or you can go to the original article. This is not the finished peice and there is a lot more to the story! 

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