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No More Sheeple

Published May 18th 2020



First off, i'm not going to say that 5G is causing the virus, spreading the virus, or anything else like that. I am aware that there are conspiracies out there that are not based on any fact or science in terms of 5G and Covid. However 5G does play an important role in this, it really connects all the topics we have talked about so far. 


A lot of people don't really seem to understand what exactly 5G is so I am going to explain it here first. 5G stands for 5th generation internet, but it is not just faster internet. Though many seem to think its just faster downloads it is so much more then that. 5G is like nothing we have ever had before. The goal through 5G is to have "The Internet of Things". Right now, our information from the internet etc is supposed to be "inside our devices" if you will and 4G is broadcasted over large areas which 5G does not do. It is supposed to be private to us (nothing we have is actually private though but that's another article in itself!). Currently we have had 2G, 3G, and 4G. All of which you can choose to have, you can choose if you want a device such as a cell phone or a computer using the internet, or you can choose not to have it. The thing with 5G is that you won't be able to choose if you want to use it or not because it works in a completely different way. To keep it in simple terms, 5G is not limited to a device, it is everywhere, which I will explain.

What they want to do is create a "smart grid" over the entire planet. Think of it as a wire grid, which covers the whole world. This grid will be created through tens of thousands of low orbit satellites which are mainly those of Elon Musk, another player in this. These satellites will connect with massive numbers of devices on the ground. 5G does not travel far like the other generations of internet, and it does not travel through solid objects very well. Because of this they want to put tons of these devices which emit electromagnetic waves all around our communities. These devices are hidden everywhere, including inside street lights, on cell towers, buildings of all types, houses, they are even inside fake trees etc. These devices will all connect to each other through what is similar to a "laser beam", and they will all connect to the satellites, which all connect to each other. These will also tie in with surveillance cameras on the ground and in space. This creates 1 giant grid of beams over the whole world forming an enormous net. Oh and just a note, Bill Gates just invested $1 billion to cover the earth with video surveillance satellites. And Microsoft is a funder of 5G technology. He really does have it all covered doesn't he? 


So why is this a problem? The smart grid will be used to create "The Internet of Things". In simple terms what this means is, everything is connected. Not just your phone and your computer, but all your appliances in your home, cars, and hint hint how about your digital ID, plus much more. Remember when I mentioned it being connected to surveillance cameras? Well 5G will be able to instantly identify you wherever you go, it will be able to hear what you say every minute of the day, it will know where you are all the time, you will be spied on 24/7, you will have no privacy at all in anything you do, and through 5G every single thing you do will be fully automated (think back to New World Order). Not only that, but 5G will have a sort of "intelligence" through the smart grid. For example, right now if you want to order an Uber you have to go on your phone and go to the Uber app, and get one. Well with 5G...get this. You won't need a device of any sort to order your Uber. All you have to do is say "I want an Uber" to the open air, you don't need a thing with you. The 5G network will pick up what you just said, and order you an Uber. When it arrives the Uber driver will already know your name and what you look like through 5G (and the ultimate goal is to have no driver at all). It will basically turn the planet into half computer.

Lets go back to the New World Order and how they want everything completely automated so everything can be totally controlled. 5G is their last link in this mission. Think about it for a second. We have your Digital ID, which will likely connect to 5G, and we have the Internet Of Things. Total surveillance, total knowledge about you, total control over what you do and where you go. Think of it, they eventually want all cars driverless and connected to 5G. Aka you have to tell your car where to go, but it can only travel within the limits of where 5G wants you to go. If you do something that someone behind the scenes does not like, they instantly have all your belongings (like your fully digital cash which they could take anytime), they know where you are, what you say, everything about you. They could so easily in seconds take all your money from you, make it unable for you to buy food or travel. This is already happening in China, via their social credit system, which I said before is like a testing grounds for the New World Order. Just the privacy issue alone is such a huge problem, nothing you say, message, or do will be private ever again. Does it not creep you out to think that someone can be watching you through your devices and through the 5G network every second of the day? A completely automated world of technology equals all of our rights and freedoms are gone. 


There isn't only a privacy and a control issue here, but a health risk as well. First thing I want to get straight is ALL generations of internet, are harmful to your health. It's just a fact, its been proven time over. I'm going to list the affects of our normal wifi first, then we will do 5G next. The following numbers are in micro watts per centimeter squared. Short term exposure to 0.05 children and teens are found to have problems with irritation, headaches, concentration, and behavioral issues. 0.1 is the baubiology guideline in Germany for extreme concern. 1.0 can cause headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion. 2.5 causes altered calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells. 4.0 causes changes in the hippocampus  affecting memory and learning. 6.0 causes DNA damage in cells. Now get this, a single smart meter emits levels of 7.93. A number of countries have set their standards at 9.5-10. This level causes changes in behavior at just 30 minutes of exposure causing reflexes of avoidance. A room of 12 smart meters is very common in apartment buildings which come out to around 19.8. In Canada, the US, and other countries, the safety limits are set at 600-1000! This is literally tens of thousands of times higher than what is proven to cause damage from peer reviewed scientific research. Wifi has also been found to cause cancer, and neurological diseases/conditions including brain damage. As well as reproductive damage, particularly in women, which can cause genetic damage and defects in their children, and then their children, for all generations. Our exposure isn't just limited to 1 device, it's many devices and sources of radiation, all day every day.

Also something I will add here, I found this lovely patent which just adds to all of this going on right now. It is called "Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors". It was made years ago so one can only imagine what its doing now. But basically it talks about how your nervous system can be manipulated through EMF and strobes of lights coming off your TV or other devices. This is literally programmed into what your viewing, and can be used as a means of basic mind control. It can even instantly make you sick with diarrhea etc. I have no doubt this is happening through all the Covid news everyone is watching right now.  


So now that you have read what normal everyday wifi does to you, can you imagine what 5G does to your health? 5G is far different then what we have ever had before, and the frequencies it uses are far different then all other generations of internet. 5G is already being used in the military in many countries as a WEAPON. The range of GHz that 4G uses is 2-6 GHz and we already know that is damaging. 5G uses anywhere from 25-300 GHz. The frequency they are planning to use the most, is 60 GHz and I will tell you why this is a problem, besides all the cancer etc it will cause. 60 GHz, is within a frequency range where electromagnetic waves affect Oxygen. Millimeter waves at 60 GHz frequencies absorb oxygen. Remember all those "beams" we talked about as part of the grid? Oxygen will not be able to exist anywhere around those beams of electromagnetic waves. These frequencies that 5G will use have even worse problems. At the molecular level, these frequencies affect the orbit of electrons, and that affects the ability of hemoglobin in your blood to bind with oxygen. In simple terms, this means that 5G frequencies causes the molecules in oxygen to spin, which makes it unable for the hemoglobin in your blood to bind with it. Which means your blood CANNOT CARRY OXYGEN TO YOUR BODY. We cannot survive without oxygen, and if you're hit with these frequencies you will be severely compromised and slowly starved of oxygen. 5G frequencies also affect many other aspects of your health, including being damaging to microbes which are essential for your immune system.

Also just a note, some people will try to defuse this argument for both normal wifi and 5G, by saying the sun emits stronger radiation and isn't harmful so how could wifi or 5G be harmful. This has been debunked by doctors and scientists. The radiation you get from the sun is totally different then man made EMFs. Yes its more intense but natural radiation from the sun is not the same thing, it does not affect the inside of your body, most does not even penetrate your skin and the bit that does has field strengths equal to 0. Plus you can wear protection against the sun, and your not exposed to it 24/7 like you are to wifi etc. Sources for expanding on this topic will be posted on the site.    


So I want to think back to early in this article now, about the fact that numerous doctors and nurses have stated that many of the severely ill coronavirus patients are suffering from what looks like altitude sickness. In other words they have hypoxia, with no pneumonia to cause it. One ICU doctor from NY stated that it was like nothing he has ever seen before, and he does not know what is causing it but it could not be caused by a virus. Hydroxychloroquine has been proven effective against Covid, this drug is also effective against this exact type of problem. 

Where did Covid 19 first breakout anyway? Oh yes.. Wuhan China where 2 weeks before the outbreak they flipped the switch to the worlds first 5G smart grid. For a place that already has tons of deaths to toxic air, a big smoking problem, and a new virus, you can be sure 5G would tip them over the edge. Remember all those videos of seemingly health people randomly fainting in the streets and having extreme convulsions? Notice how those people were always near something like... street lights? Lets face it, its pretty strange for a person to be healthy enough to be walking around looking totally normal then just randomly collapse with seizures. Radiation, and being starved of oxygen can also cause flu like symptoms. Remember that buzzing feeling that a bunch of people with Covid are feeling? This is something that a number of people have reported feeling when near 5G.

 I know next thing you're going to say is "well Covid is in lots of places 5G isn't". And I am not saying there is no virus, i'm not saying 5G is the cause of everyone getting sick (which actually isn't happening since there is no pandemic). 5G however is in a lot more places then you think it is. NY? It has loads of 5G already, as well as Italy and a large number of other areas. Which includes cruise ships. Remember that cruise ship everyone was talking about with Covid on it that was quarantined for many weeks? Well that ship had 5G. Literally thousands of doctors and scientists are against the rollout of 5G, huge numbers of independent studies have been done which show how harmful it is to your health. Do you know how many studies have been done on it by the industry wanting to roll it out? ZERO! Not a penny has been invested by the industry to health test it, because they know it would fail. 


What many don't know, is during while you're all locked up in your homes obsessing over the virus, 5G is being rolled out worldwide at a rapid speed. Governments are taking advantage of the lockdown to put all their 5G up, but why? For one thing a lot of people don't even know its happening. People can't protest while all living in a cave during lockdown. They know that tons of people don't want it up so they put it out when no one is looking. I live in the middle of nowhere, and 5G is even being put up in my area I have seen it. And it's being put everywhere. Like I said it's hidden in things like street lights, trees etc. They are also putting it up on buildings, on people's houses, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and so on. And 5G isn't only harmful to people, it is harmful to every living thing, including animals and plants. I have seen a large number of videos of trees being dead on the side that is located beside 5G. Also something that has been going on during lockdown is huge numbers of birds fainting with convulsions (sound familiar?) in areas like China and Italy. And what about insects like Bees? It damages literally everything that lives...when all the Bees die of radiation next thing they are going to blame it on these new hornets. It has also been shown that for some reason, insects and other animals are attracted to 5G, they want to hang around it then they end up dying shortly after. Videos just recently were released of large numbers of birds, actually attacking a 5G tower trying to pull the wires out.  


I have seen so many accounts of people getting sick or affected by 5G so I will list a few here. There have been multiple reports of everyone, kids and teachers feeling very sick in schools, but only while in the school, they feel fine outside. So much so that classes started getting held outside. It was later found that 5G had been installed inside the schools. There are recent reports of firefighters, feeling very sick, confused, and having memory problems at their stations where 5G had just recently been put up, which stopped when they left the area. Another report from a man investigating 5G, it was put up in his county and within days tons of people starting having severe problems with nosebleeds. I saw a report from a women who went to a soccer game with her son and family, there was a tower with 5G on it in the area. This was right before the Covid lockdown started. She stated she didn't know it was harmful at the time so she sat near the tower. Within minutes she was throwing up, and everyone at the soccer game complained of feeling tired, confused, and sick. Ever since then her entire family has been suffering from extreme joint pain, her being the worst. Another report of a man who was jogging in an area where 5G had recently been put up. He complained of feeling a "buzzing feeling on the skin" every couple minutes while running and he didn't understand why at first, until he noticed it happened every time he went past a street light. It got increasingly worse, until finally he went past one and he could barely breathe, and was having severe coughing fits, it didn't stop until he completely left the area. I could go on and on, there are so many people with experiences like this. 



 As said before, 5G does not only use 60 GHz it can go up to 300 GHz which has been publicly admitted. According to a number of experts in the area however it will not be limited to 300 GHz either. The people behind this can turn it up and down whenever they feel like it. One man from the Navy, who is a microwave weapons expert, stated that 5G is more dangerous then a nuclear bomb. Due to the fact that you can kill one, or many, with it in a stealth way. The Military has had the technology for a long time already. The Active Denial System for example, uses 95 GHz, it is used to disperse crowds. The reason it disperses crowds, is when you're hit with 95 GHz it feels the equivalent of your body being on fire, it can also burn you. The Military uses it in things like protests. The Military also has lethal energy weapons, which 5G uses similar technology. A number of people from the Military who are experts in microwave weapons, as well as others who have done considerable research on this have stated 5G will be able to deliver lethal amounts of radiation. A number of people have taken apart your everyday street lights and found heavy duty 5G technology in them, with the capacity to instantly kill you. Not only that but the technology found in these street lights is also illegal, that is how serious it is. It does not take much directed energy at your head or heart to be lethal. People collapsing in Wuhan come to mind again? Wouldn't this give the New World Order control - aim and fire at whoever you want to take out. And even if none of this was true (which it is), it still wouldn't change the fact that through the 5G smart grid we will loose all our freedom and privacy. Governments around the world have stated how badly they want this out, that they want to be the first to have their 5G grids "at all costs", they are all racing to be the first to do it.



So what is neuralink and why is it important? Neuralink is another one of Elon Musk's brilliant inventions (or so he says) which will give the New World Order as much control over the population as they could possibly have. On the note of Elon Musk, if you think hes a good guy think again. Elon Musk is a big player behind 5G. Not to mention his baby who was just recently born with his girlfriend who claims to be a witch/elf, was named X Æ A-12. Æ stands for artificial intelligence, so basically he literally just named his baby artificial intelligence. Who will probably be one of his first neuralink victims. I think that speaks volumes in itself. And lets not even get into the AI issue, I know this article is already long so I won't expand on that but you should do research on AI as well.


Neuralink in simple terms is this, a computer in your head. What they want to do is put an implant in your skull, which connects to your brain. So basically they are turning you into half computer. What this does is give you the ability to control technology without lifting a finger, you can control things with your thoughts. You would be able to control your phone or your computer just by thinking about it, and at a faster rate then the human brain could do on its own. But that isn't all it does, you can be sure this will connect through 5G. So think about that for a second, your brain is connected to 5G, which is connected to everything else, which other people are connected to. So in theory, you're connected to other people, aka who needs to talk anymore you can all mind read each other. This brings the question on if someone's brain could be hacked, can you control someone else's thoughts, can you put thoughts/ideas into someone else's mind. You could probably even kill someone through this. Not only that, but you will not be able to tell what is fake from what is reality. The people who are controlling this behind the scenes, will be able to put images into your brain, and you will see them as if they are really there. They can control what you think, what you do, once you have control of someone's brain its over. The elite have already admitted this, years ago that this is what they planned. That through microchips, nanotechnology, and stuff like neuralink that they want to have control over the person's brain. Control their actions, implant false memories, control what they think. This is DANGEROUS stuff, and we cannot allow it to happen. Right now it's said that this will be an optional thing, which people will probably get anyway since it sounds "cool" and like a sci-fi movie. But when the time comes, at some point I'm sure they will make this mandatory as well, let's face it. This is real technology that we have right now, its been tested on animals as well as primates already and it is working. Chimps have been able to control computers with their minds. They are supposed to begin human trials in 2020, and are planning on having it rolled out by 2030.   


For much more shocking information please read the remaining topics from the menu or you can go to the original article. This is not the finished peice and there is a lot more to the story! 

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