Below is a list of suggested sources to view on topics discussed on this website. Some of them were references for the article, some not. Vast majority of videos, articles, and studies have been banned at this point, so this is a small list. However will continue to add more sources as we are able to find them again! The main sources for the article were stored online, and unfortunately were all deleted (big surprise). So the studies etc used will take time to find again. 


Scenarios for The Future Of Technology and International Development.

ICU Doctors Speak Out

ISU Doctors come out with the real stats of Covid 19. Not what the media is telling us.

5G Dangers

Explaining the health dangers of 5G and our everyday wifi.

Kissinger & Gates

Kissinger and Gates call for mass vaccination and global governance.

Warning Against 5G

Former Microsoft President warns against the dangers of 5G.

Man Chased By Police

Man chased by police for jogging on the beach by himself, no one else in the area.

Women Taken From Child

Women is torn away from her child and arrested for violating social distancing.

5G Weaponized

Women explains the dangers of 5G as well as Artificial Intelligence.

Corrupt Media

Operation Mockingbird couldn't be shown better. Presenting your corrupt media.

Dr. Buttar

Dr. Buttar discusses Covid, you can view his youtube channel for a lot more videos.

5G Studies

A number of studies on the health dangers of 5G technology.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance camera spying on your every move. It will get much worse!

Nurse Talks About Covid

Nurse talks about the Covid tests, as well as the exosome theory.

Bird Attacking 5G

Even the birds don't want 5G rolled out! Video of birds attacking a 5G tower.


Military funded Biosensor coming soon. "Notifying the government weeks before you get sick".

Nervous System Manipulation

Manipulation of the nervous system from monitors. Patent which explains how you can be controlled through your monitor.

Police Officer Speak Out

Officer speaks out against tyrannical enforcement. Was fired after this video.


Nicholas Rockefeller admits to plans for microchipped and enslaved world population.

Event 201

Bill Gates predicts the pandemic. Also look up the actual Event 201 simulation.

Godfather of Vaccines

Stanley Plotkin admits to some of the contents of vaccines and trial practices used.

ICU Nurse Speaks Out

ICU Nurse of 30 years speaks out about Covid 19.

Russian Study

Russian study finds harmful affects of 5G technology (old but we have had this tech a long time).

2 Plants On Fire

2 plants that manufacture ingredient for Covid curing drugs are conveniently on fire.

666 Avenue

Trump's son in law purchases building with the number 666.

5G in Streetlights

Illegal tech found in streetlights, explaining 5G.

Exosome Theory

Theory that Covid does not exist, but is something we all have in our body.

FB Warning

FB Warning, banning people who react to "conspiracy" posts.

Bohemian Grove

Man infiltrates Bohemian Grove, videos satanic ritual. MANY videos of this should search is content.

Weapons Expert > 5G

Weapon expert talks about 5G and its harmful affects.

Hospitals Paid Off

Hospitals are paid to label cause of death as Covid.


Bill Gates, DARPA, and Nanotech. Many good videos from Spiro take a look at the rest.

Just More Gates

Just more Gates predictions, you can be sure this will happen in the future or at least the illusion of it.

RT Warns of Covid Lies

Respiratory Therapist of 21 years warns of the Covid lies the media is telling you. Video was quickly banned from youtube.

Italian MP Speaks Out

Italian MP speaks out about Covid 19 and the goal for control.

Nurse & Vaccines

Nurse explains the dangers of vaccines.


Dr. Judy Mikovits reveals dangerous contamination in vaccines, plans of the industry.

Positive Papayas

A goat and papaya test positive for Covid 19 after suspicion from Tanzania President.

Quantum Dott Tattoos

Quantum Dot Tattoos which contains an enzyme called luciferase.

Declassified Document

Declassified CIA document on the affects of millimeter waves.

Vaccine Trials

Covid 19 Vaccine trials, which skipped animal testing. "a pinch and a zap".

Concentration Camps

USA building "concentration camps" to hide your kids at as a means to control you.

Illuminati Child Sacrifices

Man blows the whistle on the satanic rituals and child sacrifices of Illuminati, was later found dead.

ID2020 & Bill Gates

Video on ID2020, Bill Gates and a cashless society.

Doctor Slams WHO

Doctor slams WHO as well as a number of people including Bill Gates and the Clintons.

Robert F Kennedy

Robert F Kennedy slams Bill Gates for genocide with his dangerous vaccines.

Straight From Whitehouse

From the Whitehouse, they didn't know the mic was on. "We were vaccinated already" "its a hoax".

Nurse Speaks Out

Nurse speaks out about Covid 19 and being suppressed from speaking out.


Luciferase enzyme which will be injected into you through the Quantnum Dott Tattoo.

"Round Table'

Round table discussion with a variety of doctors on Covid subjects.

Sun & EMFs

Natural radiation from the sun in comparison to man made radiation.

NY ICU Doctor

NY ICU Doctor reveals that Covid is not what we are being told (read our article for further info on what he says).

Mask Safety

The dangers of prolonged use of masks.


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