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    1 month ago

    Hey guys, just wanted to point out something. So those pics of the simpsons which show them predicting the George Floyd murder have been going “viral” among some groups. These pics are FAKE, I did research on this and have proven it is for sure fake. QUESTION EVERYTHING, including our side of the argument. We lose our legitimacy if we are sharing information that isn’t true. Do your research first 😁 and keep spreading the truth! #nomoresheeple

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No More Sheeple was created to help spread awareness around the world. During this pandemic a lot is happening that many are not aware of. We are being lied to by the media and all governments alike. This article was put together after extensive research which is supported scientifically and medically. Everyone and anyone trying to spread the word is having their content removed by all our commonly used platforms such as youtube and facebook. We no longer have freedom of speech, and do not have the right to question what we are being told. This site is a place where everyone can discuss all related topics without censorship. This website is free to join, nothing is censored, and your information is safe. Spread the word and get on board! If the people don’t take action soon, the world as we know it will be gone forever. Don’t wait until it is too late, together we are strong and can change the future for ourselves and others.


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