George Floyd- The Real Story

The George Floyd murder has taken the world by storm. Lets find out the real story behind this case, the one they don't want you to know. Some of this content relates to other articles on the site, so it is suggested you read those as well. This article is copyright to No More Sheeple. You can check the resources page and groups for other suggested sources to view.

Published June 5th 2020


Lets talk George Floyd... the George Floyd case is so big, Covid has completely vanished from the news. I didn't think anything could accomplish that! First off some content of this article is going to overlap with info from the other articles on the site. So if your not already educated in this topic I suggest you go read those. With that said, guys... please read this and think. You are falling into their trap, this is not what it seems. This murder is so much deeper then what the media is trying to tell you. This is the agenda of the New World Order, and again if your not educated on this topic please go read up before you even read this. I'm going to explain here how I came to this conclusion, with evidence. 

  • Introduction
  • Who Was Floyd?
  • Footage & Motive
  • Riots 
  • Timing
  • The Agenda 
  • Conclusion 

Table Of Contents

No More Sheeple

Who Was Floyd?

First off, who was Floyd? People are trying to spread around that he was a Christian, preaching the gospel. For starters, George Floyd was a porn star (and that is proven). Kind of a strange occupation for a Christian isn't it? He had already been to jail for drugs, armed robbery, including armed robbery of a pregnant women. Next, his "best friend", also known as his twin Stephen Jackson, is a freemason. Again, this is proven, he admitted it himself on social media. There are photos of the man in freemason gear. Stephen's father was a freemason. His father's "33 mason brothers" gifted Stephen his father's mason gear when he passed. George Floyd himself had a huge freemason symbol tattooed on his chest. Photos also indicate that he himself is a freemason. Plus I find it interesting how there is a pic of him in front of a corona beer poster. Remember the hidden hand of the cop who had his knee on Floyd's neck? That is a key freemason sign. Chauvin and Floyd worked together for 17 years. Chauvin's now ex wife, is Tou Thao's sister. You will also find freemason significant symbols, and numbers, throughout all the footage we are being shown on the news which I will get into later. See a pattern developing here? I am going to explain why this is all important.

Footage & Motive

I have viewed all the footage being shown to us on the news and none of it adds up. I will try to explain it all in order from the start of filming. First off we're just talking small things. Some videos show 1 cop taking him out of the car and arresting him, other videos show 4 cops taking him out and arresting him. Seriously go compare it for yourself. In the first video released, you have people filming from 1 side of the street. In "new footage" released, someone is videoing from the other side of the street. Well in that video, no one is on the original side of the street filming when they should have been there. And of course all this footage is your typical grainy, blurry big foot type quality. Cars in different videos from the same time period, don't appear to be the same cars passing by. Also, the main video your being shown is an EDITED video. If you look at the unedited video, you will hear some very suspicious conversation among the cops and person filming. 

Next, when he was first handcuffed and taken out of his car...There was a police car right there, they could have put him in. Instead they lead the guy around the streets, why? They lead him to the other side of the street, at this point it's hard to see them in the video. There is another cop car waiting there and as he approaches the next cop car he trips and falls under the car. If you look at this, the "stumble" is such a clearly bad acting job. So instead of getting him up, 3 cops pile on him, 1 of them with his knee on Floyd's neck. Again, why? The cop car is right there for them to put him in, there are 4 cops, he's handcuffed, there is no way he's going to escape. Additionally, when Floyd was first arrested, he and the cop exchanged something which the cop put in his pocket. What was that I wonder? Then, in another video released where Floyd was never seen "but they claim its him", it shows them taking someone out of a cop car... when he never went in a cop car in the first place! 

The cops had zero reason to handle the situation like they did. Even a racist cold-blooded killing cop, is not stupid. Do you really think that a cop would calmly sit there with a smirk on his face, hand in pocket, slowly murdering a man, on film? This isn't just a shoot on the spot in the moment kind of thing, it is a long drawn out ordeal. The cops all happily let this be filmed, isn't that a bit strange? There was no end goal here, its not like they were trying to hold him down for arrest, he was already handcuffed, they had him! He presented no threat, no resistance. If the cop was really that nuts, and wanted to kill the guy that badly, he probably would have let him run or encouraged him to do so, and then shot him. Or they could have easily taken him away where people wouldn't see. But instead they did it midday, in public. When he finally passed out, the cop just continued, an unconscious person does not pose a threat so why keep on them? He was instantly convicting himself for murder with video evidence, and all the other cops were totally OK with this apparently. This just wouldn't happen, they would at least try to hide the evidence. The cop watching the person filming, does nothing about it, fully aware they are filming this.

Notice how all the cops were so calm, so silent? There was no communication between them at all. Since when have you ever seen a police brutality video, without tons of shouting and chaos? No backup comes either, no communication on the radios. Again, Floyd and Chauvin worked together for 17 years on the same shift, a bit odd maybe? The crowd watching this all happen never seems to grow. And why would the people filming not be trying to stop this? Everyone is rioting now, well what about when it was actually happening? Why are there no videos from other people at that angle? Also, were the cops who were present at arrest even the same as the cops in the other video? I recognize one but not the others, how did the other cops just magically appear? Getting arrested for possibly passing off a counterfeit $20 bill isn't exactly a crime that requires that many cops. Plus, why is it that the reason for arrest has changed multiple times? The first reason I heard was he ran a stop sign! Then it was a forged check, then a counterfeit $20 bill. Which is it? And if he really did pass this counterfeit bill, forged check or whatever it was at this store. Why was he just conveniently hanging around outside the door of the store for the cops to arrive? If he knew he was doing this, don't you think he would have gotten out of the area quickly?

What about the ambulance that conveniently showed up? Those were NOT real paramedics! They were dressed as cops, they had bullet proof vests. I have seen paramedics in action, these people acted nothing like paramedics. In a clumsy slow way they rolled him onto a stretcher, no neck support etc, no checking his vitals, no medical equipment to be seen, no trying to revive him. I have seen people who work in health care such as nurses etc state there was no way these were real paramedics. Meanwhile the cop STILL has his knee on the neck when they come over to check his pulse (then are like oh he's fine and walk away). By the way, putting a knee on someone's neck like that also isn't something cops are trained to do. Some have also stated that you cannot choke someone with a knee on the back of the neck in that way, a wrestling coach came out and said this wouldn't be possible. Because of how the cop was positioned you can also tell that not much pressure was being applied, most of his weight was on the knee that was on the ground. It has also been said that if you're legit being choked, you wouldn't be able to talk, or you may be able to get something out but not to the extent that Floyd did. I'm not an expert in this area however so I won't confirm that. I will say I have seen cops state that if the death was real it would have been handled much differently. One thing I will mention is I have seen a number of people claim that one of the cops behind the car who were on Floyd was holding a syringe. Indicating that Floyd was drugged and died that way. I can't confirm this yet, but will keep looking at all the footage.

This entire thing was staged, all the people involved are working for the elite. These same cops were found together at the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook Shooting by the way. What about the mug shots of Chauvin? It is NOT the same person! All cops working for the Fraternal Order Of Police are working for the cult. They have an all seeing eye amongst other things on their logo for crying out loud. You can find pics of these cops doing the cult hand symbols as well etc. Additionally, on May 17th the Obama Foundation tweeted a photo of a poster that says "this is america"... with George Floyd's face on it! Not suspicious at all! There is question over if George Floyd is really dead. In my opinion, I think they really killed him. Likely he probably chose to be sacrificed for the "cause" which is something a Freemason would do. Or maybe he thought he was getting paid to fake it and didn't know he was really going to die.  I am open however if there is evidence he didn't die. Real or not, it was a public execution done on purpose to further their agenda. Which I will explain more at the end of this article. Also, if you look at other murders which are similar to this, you will find those same Freemason ties. 


I want to get into the other footage now, other than the footage of Floyd. First before we talk about the riots, lets talk about all the interviews on the news. Anyone notice how all of his so called family members, keep looking down to check their script? Seriously we all need to learn to look for this stuff. Family members are clearly checking their script before they can answer anything over and over again. That isn't only going on with the family either. Notice his sister I believe it was, during an interview was wearing a shirt that said "I can't breathe". Does that not strike anyone as a bit strange? You're mourning your family member's death, and the first thing you do is go out and buy a shirt with their dying words on it? Not a single one of them shed a tear over him in interviews. In fact, I saw one of them bust out in an uncontrollable smile, it reminded me of Bill Gates. Also, in many of these interviews you can find cult symbols and numbers. For example I have seen the all seeing eye, pyramids, on clothes and other objects, 666 (giant 6 on the trash can beside the scene even), 33, 88, cop car at the scene was 320 (number of mason lodge), all significant numbers, as well as a number of other cult symbols including hand signs (even from protesters), even the cops have abnormal badges. If you want to take it deeper, look up gematria in regards to this murder and other similar cases. And lets not even get started on the lawyer for this case, he just happens to get all these very similar murders with freemason ties. 

So, the riots now. Let's be clear, these riots are staged. They were all started by the elite, and the sheeple joined in like the sheep we are. First off, a cop was caught starting one of the first riots with protesters begging him to stop. Kind of weird for a cop to be smashing windows out isn't it? He also had a black umbrella with him, what is up with that? I also find it interesting how someone with an umbrella was at the JFK assassination. Freemasons consider themselves an "umbrella organization", interesting? This was likely a sign to other undercover cops that he was with them. Other people with black umbrellas can be found in videos of the incident and protests. The first riot was started on 33rd st, coincidence? Cops have been found smashing up their own cars, then blaming it on protesters, coincidence? What were the first buildings to be burned down? Buildings owned by George Soros... interesting. Cops have been found leaving pallets of bricks and rocks around city streets, now why would they do that? Let that one sink in for a minute, do you realize how guilty that looks? Why didn't they come in and stop these riots early? Why a week ago were people getting arrested for opening a store, but now you're allowed to loot and burn stores? Why have news reporters been caught playing recordings of gun fire behind the camera? Why were 80% of protesters in Minnesota from out of state? Very few of which were African American? Or how about rioters being thrown "bouncy rocks" from behind the camera, to throw at the cops? How about all the cop cars conveniently laying around (with no licence plates!), no cops in sight, just waiting to be smashed up. How about the fact that a large portion of these rioters, are ANTIFA, which Trump has labeled a terrorist group, which has ties with the elite.

Or how about the incident, where the black CNN reporter is just randomly arrested for no reason. All on camera of course. Same thing with this case, no communication between the cops or to anyone else, not a single word said, they are all standing around looking dumbfounded. Some of them don't even have the proper clothing. Since when is someone arrested with not a single word said? Then they take him away, they come back, stand around a bit more looking clueless. Then they come to arrest the rest of the CNN people, camera person being last of course and not a word said. Camera (of course), is left on even after its dropped on the ground, and being dragged around with the cord dragging on the ground but its somehow still on. None of this a little fishy?



I love the perfect timing of when this happened. One week after what Biden said, election time etc. The Covid fear was starting to die out, the panic starting to dissipate. This conveniently happened very soon after scientists and vaccine makers came out and said that the virus is dying out so fast, that its basically pointless to even make a vaccine at this point and they are worried there will be no people to test it on. Isn't it interesting how Covid is completely gone from the news? Suddenly, authorities couldn't care less if you're social distancing. Where did all our social distancing rules go? Did Covid just pick up and leave town? Is Covid exempt from rioting crowds? Where is the sudden spike of cases with lack of social distancing? Plus, why the huge outrage and racial war now? What about the Ahmaud Arbery case? Why did no one care about that? Because believe it or not, misconduct with cops happens all the time, it's not some rare occurrence. Not just with white cops vs African Americans, but with all races and genders (not saying there isn't a racist problem in the US though). Why this sudden trend of everyone caring? Why does it even take something like this for people to take action? All the suffering in the world, all the mistreatment of people, why does it take an extremely publicized incident for anyone to want to do something about it?  


The Agenda

This is so much deeper than what you're being told to believe, this is not what you think it is. This has been planned for such a long time, and again if you're not educated on this go read the other article. The New World Order is going to be borne out of fear, hate, chaos, and their promise for better health, safety, and technology. The Covid Pandemic, was simply their lab test. It is a test to see how easy it is to fool you, how easy it is to scare you, and how easy it is for them to have communist like control over you. I can understand why everyone was afraid of Covid in the start, when we had very little data, I too was scared. Now however, we have so much evidence that there was never a pandemic and the numbers were all falsified (again go read the other article before you jump to conclusions I'm not saying there was never a virus). This was merely a test to see how easily they can lock you down and implement tracking technology on the population. 

So now that the Covid fear is starting to die, they are losing traction, they are running out of excuses to keep us under this new control. So what happens? George Floyd happens! The US is even talking about martial law now. This is nothing but a diversion, it is a mere distraction. The elite love war, they love fear, they love hate, they want us divided, they want us at each other's throats, they want racism. Because as long as we are fighting amongst ourselves, we don't see the bigger picture. We don't see the people who are CAUSING the conflicts and the suffering. People from within the elite have stated this is what they do, they create these diversions to keep you from figuring out what the real problem is. They want to promote white people as all being racist and ignorant, they want to promote people of color as being dangerous criminals, they want that conflict, they create racisim. Even the Black Lives Matter movement, has George Soros ties. I saw a pic of someone at a peaceful protest with a poster that said "this isn't about white vs black, it is about everyone vs racists" which I thought was a good statement. This incident also got me thinking, I wonder how much of the abuse towards African Americans from white cops has actually been the cause of the elite. Because honestly, I'm not seeing that racism in the general population, at least not where I live it could be much different elsewhere. Not saying it does not happen it obviously does, but where are they finding all these crooked cops? We are all one people and need to recognize who the real enemy is. 

I'm all for peaceful protesting, but these riots have got to stop. Don't fall for their trap, they created the conflict and now we are following. Violence is not the answer! How is looting stores, burning buildings, destroying the property of innocent people, destroying the lives of the very people you are wanting to protect, how is that bringing any justice? This is not about Black Lives Matter, this is not about George Floyd, these riots are terrorism. If you just have to destroy stuff, why don't you go take it to the people who are causing the conflicts rather than innocent people? People have been killed and seriously injured in these riots, including kids and innocent animals! What about the black cop that was killed by looters? No one cares about him?  See how the media controls the narrative? We need to stop the violence, and unite against the root of what is happening.

What is going to happen after the Floyd incident, protests and riots start to die off? The second wave of Covid 19 of course! Mark my words it will happen, they will institute the lockdown and extreme control all over again, they will awaken the fear and panic like when this first started, they will bring out the mandatory vaccine, they will use this to create their New World Order. By the way, I think it quite likely they will use these riots as an excuse to fake Covid cases rising so they can have an excuse to lock us down again and raise the fear level. People don't understand that you are all under a form of mind control right now, which is explained in the other article. The media is dictating what you think and what you do. That is why there is this new trend of everyone caring with the Floyd incident and not previous incidents like this, they are controlling you. Get off the news as your only source of information, it's all crap, it all has an agenda, it's all being controlled by the cult.


As I said before, this is war, but it is war done in a stealth way. We need to wake up and realize what is really happening. As long as we continue on like this, the elite are going to win and get their New World Order. Don't fall into their trap, don't play their game. Spread this knowledge everywhere you can! Don't succumb to this "new normal", don't let them dictate over you, don't feed this violence. We need to unite, stand up for each other, and say NO to their dictatorship. When the bogus second wave comes, say no. The Covid 19 Pandemic and George Floyd murder are staged and just the beginning unless we stand up for ourselves and make a difference. Also, I love how they are censoring people questioning the George Floyd murder, people are even getting banned off youtube! Sound familiar? The elite are the real enemy! Also just something to mention, this article is NOT trying to undermine the murder of Floyd or anyone else. But the point of this article, is to spread the truth and bring people together (of all races!). Everyone deserves to know when they are being lied to, if we can educate the public and spread the word about what is going on. Then together we can work to make the world a better place. The people in charge do not have our best interests in mind, it is up to us to make a change. This new site is free to join, no catch, no censorship, lots of information, feel free to join the community and spread the word. Don't let the media and big social media platforms which are just as corrupt run the show. NO MORE SHEEPLE! 

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  1. As I have watched the criminal government continue its evil wrath on the world, and I have witnessed the total lack of justice for AMERICA and those that we elected as representatives continue to betray, steal, lie, kill, and destroy lives I feel very small. So small in a large evil unreliable world. Pray? Protest? Run to the mountains? Sit and do nothing? I agree with your article and I know it to be true. This confession from me does not help my internal stress nor the worlds. Evil will stop at nothing, for it has everything to loose. Good is to brainwashed to fight back. There are those that are awake now……….but they don’t want to be and the truth scares them back into their holes. Those that strong enough to remain awake, are confused. WIthout true leadership we will falter, we will become weak. President Trump can not do this on his own, he needs his 10 million bee’s to come together if we are ever to save our country. If the riots and violence continue, this disease will spread throughout the nation and we will be in the biggest civil war ever.

  2. Im a white male …im not a person that judges..others..but all this goverment..kill tacticts have been going on since.i can remember.i have lost friends from police brutality..and i have seen with my own eyes.when i was beating with in an inch of my life.only god knows why im still here.but what im saying …from everyone of these greedy mofos .from the higher ups to the puppets they control ..michael jackson.may he rest..said it the best they dont care about us…our own goverment is killing us look at. It all they wana rape our young and kill the old ..for what the all mighty dollar that aint worth nothing but anothers mans soul ..
    So all u who trust the goverment and the news ..wake up.before you. End up on the chopping block .of the medias new news order..they dont care about us…or anyone but themselfs….

    1. Your comment shows a person that knows something is wrong but it is very confused. Trump was elected on the basis that he will drain the swamp. That is taking place. However, the tactic that is being used is let the enemies expose themselves. For example we have Fauci and Brix making decisions about how to deal with Covid and as we dig deeper we find there all sorts of conflicts of interest. Everybody sees who they really are: deep state players with their own interests at heart. Then we have the riots and Trump points out how some Dem Governors and Mayors are allowing it to happen. Again the chumps are being exposed. It is the Great Awakening as the general population wakes up to the deep state and their agenda to oppress and gain more control.

      1. I totally agree with you. The old saying…give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.
        The President of the United States is a highly intelligent Leader and he is the only one I trust right now

        1. President Trump is always ten steps ahead of everyone. He is truly amazing! Brilliant. He saved America and you ladies have a great insight. He will continue for 4 more years🇺🇸

  3. You speak of other articles & videos. Where are the links to those so that we aren’t sheepeople & just follow the narrative but read & view for ourselves? Please post links to those.

  4. Well done, well explained and well thought out in chronological order. It’s one thing after another. DO NOT LISTEN TO THR NEWS. They are not on our side and have been caught so many times lying to us it nauseating and unbelievable people still go there for what they think is the truth. You want to stay free wake the hell up

    1. if you truly need to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth I would go look up George Floyd died 3 years ago the guy that died in Minneapolis is not George Flynn please come to my Facebook page befriend me message me and we’ll discuss this and I will show you proof in Jesus name amen

  5. What new free site with no censorship? What is it called and is there a link for it? Are you referring to Thanks.
    I think I agree with about everything you have said here. I do believe it is possible that the death was staged. I did not know anything about a man with a syringe near George Floyd. Maybe he did get sedated. No cop in his right mind would kneel for that long on someone they have just arrested, knowing full well that they are being filmed the whole time. Especially after the victim stops moving and talking. Thank you very much for bringing up these points in your article. I have heard of others bring up the Freemasonry symbolisms.

  6. You have an excellent review on these events and yes, freemasonry has been our puppeteer for ages. Also based on the Egyptian Mystery School.

  7. hankypu for poating this artical. Seems everyone I talk to has the exact same idea as what you have pointed out. We just have to get the main stream people to read and understand what these men are doing to us. We need to make some kind of a stand,

  8. I very much agree with what you stated here. Right from the start one can see that is a staged video. The rioters are paid off by the likes of Soros and others in the elite who benefit greatly from all the disruption. Notice a lot of the action has taken place in areas with many small business. It fits quite well the Communist agenda the elite use to consolidate their power at a world-wide level.

  9. I couldnt even Finnish reading this garbage it is so farfetched.Beyond human comprehension Excuse me what plant are you from? Hahaha

    1. Patricia, what plant do you reside on? I live on planet earth and the situation we are in, worldwide, is beyond human comprehension and has been for Centuries and longer, just in case you haven’t noticed or live in a bubble? I won’t go on or even explain the war we/you are in against good vs evil on planet earth right now. But never mind. Back to your bubble.

  10. We the people are ready to join up to defeat these so call people an kill them I am a Vietnam war Veteran an I am ready to join up to defeat these sorry ass schum bags Dumercrats an who every an what every comes just tell us were an when.

  11. You have an interesting article. There are many questions that need answering. Yes the world is being deceived, just like in the days of Adam and Eve. The Bible did warn us of these evil days and they are upon us. Man’s hearts are failing them because of fear. Only the fittest will survive and the fittest means those who are standing on the promises of the Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ. These are some of the signs and wonders. The whole world is in turmoil. In a little while the anti-christ and his false prophet will put in their appearance. My advice to us all is not to look to man for redemption, but to spend time on our knees in fasting and praying so that the Most Holy One will protect us in these evil days.

    1. J. bailey – you are absolutely right in your reply. I am fearful that so many have no idea what is taking place because they do not know God or His Son, Jesus Christ or the Word of God that tells us about all that is happening now and will continue to happen until the Lord Jesus returns to this earth to Rapture His children and take them home to Heaven. Sadly, so many will not be ready to meet Him and will be left behind to go through 7 long years of Tribulation, described in the last book of the Bible, Revelation. Everything that is happening is just the beginning of the signs of the last days before Jesus returns to this earth to take all Christians to Heaven. For those who don’t know Jesus as Lord, just pray and repent of your sins, confess you believe Jesus is Lord and that He died on the cross for your sins and ask Him to come into your heart and you will be ready to go when He returns.

  12. I do believe this to be true the government has been trying to get of the blacks with mosquitos in Florida gang bangers opioid drug dealers HIV if you take notice it is the blacks look at Chicago flint Michigan now the flu they poisoned the elderly for social security money take the least amount they can get and times it with deaths that is just a drop in the bucket some of these women making negative comments don’t know any better they are learned will never be you know you can’t teach stupid

  13. I totally agree with her. We are all being played like puppets, wake up America before it’s too late ! People are trying to take our freedoms from us, there are all kinds of groups out there working together to over throw our government ! WAKE UP 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. There are two things I disagree with in this article. #1. Listen as someone tells Floyd to “just get up and get in the car man” at the 1:10 minute mark. The Minnesota paramedics uniforms are brown and someone in a brown uniform checks Floyd’s carotid pulse at 5:57 minute mark. The paramedic that loads Floyd onto the stretcher is wearing a vest. That is not unusual in dangerous areas of service for paramedics to wear a vest. #3. Fake cop doesn’t get off Floyd until paramedic touches his knee? That doesn’t happen in real life. Paramedics arrive and cops stop all interaction with victim so paramedics can attend to victim. #4. Cops are dragging victim onto the stretcher instead of lifting! Paramedics would load the victim onto a stretcher, not the cops! Fraud is evident here! #5. At 8:46 minute mark Asian cop Tao’s badge is an iron on patch! Massive fraud here! #6 9:22 minute mark. The only cop car with the license plate “Police”. Odd or not?

  15. I have always believed the Covid virus was about mind control, not that I don’t believe there was some type of flu like virus out there but I watched in dismay as most people were willing to believe this ad fact and mostly just mimicked what millions of Americanc were doing just out of fear. I knew it was a tactic of pure evil and mind control. I have also read articles that the Floyd murder was in fact staged and have seen the proof. I do not believe just in what I see or hear but look into the logic behind it!! I was appalled to see how many people could be frightened enough into wearing masks and gloves and staying at home just because it was relayed on the news! I only have real faith in God above and believe to seek the truth only from him. I think we should all do the same and stop being lead by the evil government and listen to our hearts and not follow the sheep into damnation!

  16. I think mass shootings will occur after the riots or during the riots. Covid, not a second wave, people have woken up from that mind game.

  17. Finally something that makes sense. I saw most of this not all but much of this before this article. My question is why? There are hundreds of people injured and 20 plus dead because of this ordeal why.

  18. I agree something is going on. What I want to know is while we are focus on BLM why are we not being shown any media of Hillary Clinton’s trial and some of her cabinet. Why is this such a hush hush topic?

  19. This is happening and if you don’t see it YOU are the SHEEP. No blind sheep. Wake up America I’ve been watching this criminal take over of our elected officials since 1985 that’s 35 years I’ve set back and just watched. People just don’t open their eyes and want yo believe what they are told by the media which are owned and operated by the elite. We are losing this country only one person fighting for us and that’s Trump you can believe that. He could have been one of the elite but he seen what they were planning and doing to America and he truly loved his country that he gave it all up to try and save this country and we need to unite and back him because if he loses this election kiss your ass good bye watch. This ain’t no game for all you non believers. It’s HAPPENING!!!!!

  20. I stopped reading when u said that covid -19 was fake, do u believe that 911 was fake also? How about the moon landing?? I had a few good points then you started to go down hill and then the covid being fake was to much! Why don’t you write a murder mystery since you are so find of typing. Just another goofball! I hope stump or trump have a heart attack from all of the fast food he eats!!!

    1. Didn’t say the virus was fake, but the pandemic is. I would suggest you read the other article as it has tons of info on that. Be open minded, you may find yourself changing your opinion!

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