2020 Pandemic- What is Really Happening?

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Published May 18th 2020


The world as we know it today is very different from what we are used to. The entire planet has locked down, people can't leave their homes unless deemed "essential to survive", stores are sold out of products, schools are closed, businesses are closed, many people are out of a job, governments even claim they are allowed to come and take family members from your home including your kids. Governments around the world have stated that the lockdown likely will not end until a vaccine has been found, which will likely be mandatory if you want to go back to work or even leave the house. I am writing this article to warn others of what is really going on during this "pandemic".

The fact is, there is absolutely no scientific proof that we have a pandemic (note I used the word pandemic not virus). Your are likely asking now "what proof do we have that there is no pandemic?", "if there isn't a pandemic why was one created?". This article will be explaining how this pandemic has been faked, why it was done, and what the future holds if we do not take action. I was originally a believer that the pandemic existed and the lockdown was important. However not all the information we are being told adds up, with more whistlblowers coming out by the day, which inspired me to dig deeper.

The information in this article is not new news to me, so it was only a matter of time before I pieced it together. Anyone trying to speak out about any of the following topics are being censored on well known sites, some have been attacked, lost their jobs, jailed, and conveniently vanished, been in "accidents", or "committed suicide". The definition of a free country is where a government does not control what people say or do, and where people can express their opinions without punishment. A free country is supposed to have freedom of the press and freedom of speech. We have none of this and there is a reason why. Contents of this article are scientifically and medically supported. Anyone can find this information if you dig deep. Scientists and medical professionals have been speaking out with the same conclusion. There is no simple answer to this, so I will explain each factor (and there are many) individually, then explain how it all ties together in the end. If We don't stand together our world as we know it will never be the same again.

  • Introduction
  • Covid 19
  • New World Order
  • Vaccines/Digital ID
  • 5G/Neuralink
  • How It All Comes Together
  • Conclusion

Table Of Contents

No More Sheeple



The first topic of discussion is this: the "pandemic" is NOT real. There is significant proof to back this up. More and more doctors and other medical professionals have also been coming out agreeing that there is no pandemic, even flat out saying its a hoax. 


The pandemic has been declared and the lockdown ordered over 3 things: cases, deaths, and computer models which project how many cases and deaths we may get. Computer models will be discussed later. What are cases being determined by? The RT-PCR Covid test, and since WHO has even admitted the tests are unreliable, we also diagnose off of nothing but symptoms, which is a big problem... 


Most of the public has likely assumed that the Covid test, tests for the virus which is Sars-Cov-2. This however is not true, it does NOT test for the virus. "Then what does it test for?". The PCR test tests for a small sequence of RNA genetic material found in the lungs of a select few patients from China. What they did was collect samples of fluid from the lungs of 7 sick patients. They found genetic material in the fluid, and they instantly sequenced the RNA. They then rapidly developed a PCR test to test for this sequence. However they never identified what the RNA was from. They did not purify and visualize a virus first, they developed a test before finding out what the cause of illness was. In the study they even admit that they did not have definitive proof of what the cause was yet, but they made a test for it. They mixed their samples with lung cancer cells, and this particular test they are using was originally created to test for lung cancer. The problem with this is that genetic material is found in everyone, our bodies all contain DNA and RNA, and RNA does not only come from viruses. So finding genetic material in the samples is expected. Especially as the PCR test amplifies the sample hundreds of times to isolate a minuscule amount. Before they put the test out there, they never did trials on it either. They never actually did a controlled study to see if their test works. 

If that info does not have you convinced, there are even more problems with the test. The inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis stated that it "should not be used to diagnose infectious disease". What the PCR test does is it takes a genetic sequence, and hugely amplifies it. However it also amplifies the "background noise". Because of how much the PCR test amplifies the sequence, the slightest measurement error or contamination results with errors in the test. The number of recommended cycles to run with a PCR test is 25-35 the max being 40-45 (this is how much you're amplifying it). The more cycles you run, the more likely you will amplify background noise aka the less reliable it is. The Covid test has been running at the high end of this. And if you amplify it enough times, sooner or later you're going to get a positive result. It has also been found that the Covid test has an estimated 80% false positive rate. Which means if you test 100 healthy people who never get sick, 80 of those people test positive.

Those are staggering numbers, and this isn't even including sick people who are sick with something other then Covid. A good test should have an under 1% false positive rate, this one has 80%. Not only that but the amount of positives and negatives you get will be dictated via the amplification of the test, which varies depending on the area, it is not the same everywhere. Which means every country can basically control how many positives they want. This test would not be legal under normal circumstances! Also just a note, anyone notice how many news stories there are of test kits being contaminated by the virus? Ever think that they may be infecting people through the tests? The President of Tanzania also recently asked for the quality of test kits to be tested. So they swabbed a goat and a papaya fruit, put false human labels on them and sent them off. Both the goat and fruit tested positive for Covid 19... oh that poor papaya, I guess it didn't social distance enough! Next thing we won't be allowed to eat fruit because they carry Covid and when we all get scurvy it will be added as a Covid symptom, seriously people its getting to that point.

Some additional information which further explains the amplification issue of the test was stated by a biologist. "The first thing to know is that the test is not binary. In fact, I don’t think there are any tests for infectious disease that are positive or negative. What they do is they take some kind of a continuum and they arbitrarily say this point is the difference between positive and negative. PCR is really a manufacturing technique. You start with one molecule. You start with a small amount of DNA and on each cycle the amount doubles, which doesn’t sound like that much, but if you double 30 times, you get approximately a billion times more material than you started with. So as a manufacturing technique, it’s great. What they do is they attach a fluorescent molecule to the RNA as they produce it. You shine a light at one wavelength, and you get a response, you get light sent back at a different wavelength. So, they measure the amount of light that comes back and that’s their surrogate for how much DNA there is. I’m using the word DNA. There’s a step in RT- PCR test which is where you convert the RNA to DNA. So, the PCR test is actually not using the viral RNA. It’s using DNA, but it’s like the complimentary RNA. So logically it’s the same thing, but it can be confusing. Like why am I suddenly talking about DNA? Basically, there’s a certain number of cycles. In one paper I found 37 cycles. If you didn’t get enough fluorescence by 37 cycles, you are considered negative. In another, paper, the cutoff was 36. Thirty-seven to 40 were considered “indeterminate.” And if you got in that range, then you did more testing. I’ve only seen two papers that described what the limit was. So, it’s quite possible that different hospitals, different States, Canada versus the US, Italy versus France are all using different cutoff sensitivity standards of the Covid test. So, if you cut off at 20, everybody would be negative. If you cut off a 50, you might have everybody positive. I think if a country said, “You know, we need to end this epidemic,” They could quietly send around a memo saying: We shouldn’t be having the cutoff at 37. If we put it at 32, the number of positive tests drops dramatically. If it’s still not enough, well, you know, 30 or 28 or something like that. So, you can control the sensitivity."


So first I want to list what the Covid 19 symptoms are (will keep updating this article as they add more symptoms since they seem to add them by the week). Shortness of breath/trouble breathing, dry cough, fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste, loss of smell, sore throat, runny nose, tiredness, aches and pains, headache, confusion, fainting, pink eye, "buzzing" feeling on the skin, falling... let me repeat that FALLING is actually on the official list. It also looks like they will be adding "swelling and blistering of your feet and hands" as a symptom. So aside from Ebola that just about covers every illness on the planet plus more, but will get back to this later. When you go to the hospital, if you have any Covid symptoms you are deemed a Covid patient regardless of testing. Many are not tested at all, and even if you get tested and test negative, you're NOT taken off the cases list. Covid happened in the midst of FLU season when lots of people are sick and hospitals overwhelmed. Now however even if you have the flu (or any other illness for that matter look at the list) you're going to be considered a Covid patient.

 It has also been widely reported by doctors and nurses that in people who are severely sick, who they are attributing to Covid, these patients do NOT have pneumonia as we are being told. Their lungs actually appear how they would with severe altitude sickness. One doctor compared it to being in a depressurized plane at 30,000ft or being put at the top of Everest with no Oxygen or time to acclimatize. And in fact being put on a ventilator with this condition is dangerous as it can cause severe lung damage, and does not alleviate these symptoms. We are killing people with ventilators. This same doctor also stated this condition could not be caused by a virus, many doctors know this but not many are choosing to speak out and if you do speak out, you're censored. This will be talked about more in another topic as to what could be causing this condition.


As discussed in the sections above, the tests for identifying a Covid patient are not reliable, and diagnosing off symptoms is ridiculous at this point. So we potentially have massive numbers of wrongly diagnosed cases between these two issues. There is more however. If you have a patient with pneumonia and the doctor diagnoses them with Covid, the hospital gets $13,000 vs $4,600 for a regular pneumonia patient. If that person goes on a ventilator, they get $39,000. Money talks, and doctors are being very pressured to diagnose everything Covid. Not only that, but deaths from just about anything are being listed as Covid deaths. People dying in the hospital or at home from conditions they have had for a long time such as heart disease or cancer, are having Covid listed as the cause of death. Don't believe me? Go on your social media and you will see family members of those people talking about it everywhere as well as doctors. You die of a heart attack and it's going to say Covid as the cause of death on the certificate. Plus people with underlying conditions are also being tested after death even if they never had any symptoms etc, but if they test positive guess what its blamed on... Covid. And remember the tests are not reliable.

Notice how whenever deaths are reported on the news it says such and such dies "after testing positive for Covid"? They are not saying died OF Covid they are saying died after testing positive. Watch the wording they are using! Not to mention a number of people in the media including kids have died twice but that's another area of discussion. I saw a meme on facebook which said "Man eaten by shark, dies after testing positive for Covid". Which is spot on! Even a member of the Italian parliament came out yelling at the Prime Minister that the Italian deaths are completely fake, that its all a hoax, and the real numbers are a different story. He was MORTIFIED and trying desperately to get the word out. He stated, with the statistics to back it up, that over 96% of the deaths listed as Covid actually died of something else.

 Between all these factors, these numbers are NOT in any way reliable. Not only that but things doctors have been ordered to do could be causing more deaths. It has been leaked out by a number of doctors and nurses (several of which were fired for saying this), that it has been ordered that they are not allowed to use non invasive ventilation. If someone is very sick and needs ventilation, you would first always try non invasive ventilation. But they are currently not allowed to do this, they are being ordered to let patients deteriorate until they require invasive ventilation or they just go straight to this method which is not safe (and yet were told there is a shortage of ventilators when doctors have done videos standing in rooms full of unused ventilators). It has been reported that depending on the area the mortality rate of patients being put on invasive ventilation is 70-97%. Those are some disturbing numbers. Another nurse came out recently, she went to NY to be on the front lines of this epicenter of the virus. Well what she had to say was criminal. She claims an extreme amount of malpractice is going on in not 1 but 2 hospitals (she keeps getting moved to different units and hospitals when she tries to say something). She claims that nurses and doctors are MURDERING patients. That none of these patients are dying of Covid 19, they are all dying of terrible malpractice between being given the wrong medications, invasive ventilation, refusing to treat obvious problems, and much more.  

 Not only this, but hospitals have been cleared out in anticipation of Covid. People who would normally be in the hospital for health conditions, or getting surgeries etc are all sitting at home. As well as the fact that people are currently so scared to go to the hospital. Not just out of fear of getting Covid, but if you go to the hospital and are assumed Covid regardless if you are or not, you can't have family with you. People are dying alone in hospitals, so instead people are choosing to stay home with their family. And those who have gotten sick likely are not going to go until its an emergency. Medical staff are saying they are seeing patients coming in with severe problems because they waited 2 weeks before they came in. People are DYING in large numbers waiting for surgeries they can't have because of Covid, this has been proven. How about all the cancer etc that isn't getting diagnosed right now? Hospital workers are also being told to get people to sign do not resuscitate forms! So if you go critical they will not try to save you. This is all going to add up to way more deaths to the list, and more fear factor to the public.  

Lastly, all you have to do is look at the numbers of how many people die every year of various problems. If there really was a pandemic, we would see a dramatic increase in deaths this year over past years. Go take a look and you will see the numbers are the same, there are no more deaths this year then any other year. You will also see that with the causes of death, while Covid as the cause goes up, the cause of death from everything else has gone down. What about the hot areas where people were "dying in the masses" like China and Italy? Again if you go look at the stats, you will see that huge numbers of people already die in these specific areas every year because of toxic polluted air and a very large old population. They are simply taking advantage of that and using them as Covid deaths since it can mimic the symptoms they want. 99% of patients who die of Covid have underlying conditions, this has been admitted.  


You're probably thinking right now "Well if the cases and deaths have been faked why are hospitals so overwhelmed?". Well there is an answer for this as well. The fact is, hospitals in the vast majority of areas are working far below normal capacity, aka hospitals are empty. Doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are being laid off. Videos have been taken of many hospitals in "hot areas" which were found to be empty, even a day after being on the news as being overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses have done interviews saying the same thing, many hospital workers are out of a job. It has been found that the same videos have been used to show crowded conditions in different hospitals and even different countries. The news has been caught with videos of doctors treating DUMMIES. Testing areas are abandoned. For the most part the only people more busy then usual are likely paramedics. Since people are choosing to die at home or wait until they are much sicker we are going to see an increase in the amount of people needing an ambulance. How about all the dancing nurse videos? If this was a problem do you really think they would have time to make those (disgusting) videos?

 The news has literally been caught staging this, organizing all the fake crowds outside and telling the doctors what to do etc. News outlets who are posting pics and info of people who "died of Covid" are using the same pics of people, with different descriptions saying they died of Covid. Kind of hard to die twice isn't it? The media is reporting that people are dying of Covid when they in fact died in a hospice from conditions they had for years. Long story short most of what your seeing on the news is probably fake. All of our media sources are connected, they are all paid and forced to put out specific information. And they repeat this information over and over all day every day, it is a form of MIND CONTROL. They are putting out a grossly overestimated fatality rate. As well as apocalyptic estimates of how many people will die if we don't lock down. The media has been trying to put as much fear into us as possible with constantly changing information and information that is just flat out ridiculous. Apparently Covid 19 floats around in our pollution particles now, next thing all areas with pollution will have a permanent outbreak right? Or how about it infects you through ocean waves and beach sand (no more beaches for us!). 

The legit information put out by MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS is censored, banned everywhere, so that no one can see it. REAL statistics are being hidden, real medical advice. It's so bad, that a doctor recently had to stand outside his hospital with a microphone protesting this lockdown, saying its proven that this virus is on the level of a mild flu season, the stats we are being shown are fake, stating that thousands of doctors disagree with what is going on but they are all being censored. And people who try to share information are punished, banned from social media sites etc. They are ALL doing this, Google and other browsers, social media platforms, Youtube the news, its all the same. They are all pushing the same agenda, and giving out information that is completely false.

Take face masks for example, think they are protecting you? All the homemade masks which are being made offer you ZERO protection against viruses. Viruses are microscopic, some fabric over your face is not going to protect you at all and in fact is harmful. Surgical masks? They don't protect you either, they can help to keep particles when you cough from getting out but it won't stop anything from getting in. N95 can help, but the virus is smaller then what the mask can filter and so it still gets through. Plus because of all the moisture that gets created when wearing a mask, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria right on your face. If you inhale a virus through the mask, all you do it keep breathing it in and out since its all trapped air inside the mask which creates a higher concentration of the virus in your lungs and nasal passages. It has been proven that masks reduce your oxygen intake, they can increase carbon dioxide accumulation, increased airway resistance, masks can cause hypoxia. It has been shown that wearing an N95 mask can reduce blood oxygenation by 20% in just a few hours of use. A drop in oxygen levels reduces your immune system, it makes you more prone to heart attacks and stokes, it puts people with cancer at higher risk, evidence shows wearing masks could increase the chance of a virus entering your brain, it can also cause a cytokine storm. This isn't information pulled out of nowhere, there are studies to back this up. Studies done on healthcare workers even showed that masks cause headaches so bad it affected their work performance. Even the CDC until recently stated that healthy people should not wear a mask. No studies have shown that these masks even protect you from the yearly flu. Someone in China recently was running with a mask on and it caused their lung to collapse! Someone else driving with a mask lost consciousness and crashed their car. Yet people are being demonized if they don't want to wear a mask and its even mandatory in many areas?

 The WHO keeps getting more and more desperate to convince people we need to stay locked down, the newest one being recovered people may not have antibodies aka they will need vaccinating anyway since you can apparently get sick endless times. It has also been proven that actors have been hired to make fake videos as nurses and doctors, as well as faked pics of injuries from wearing masks. Doctors and nurses are also not allowed to speak out about their concerns, without risking getting fired or worse. Several whistleblowers have stated the hospitals have told them they are not allowed to say anything against what they are told to say without risking "serious consequences". And they are not allowed to question anything that is medically going on without getting in trouble. All those doctor and nurse stories of them committing "suicide", I would take that with a grain of salt. Or how about the recent problem of doctors in Russia falling out of hospital windows? Isn't that interesting, falling out of windows must be a Covid symptom! The media is censoring everything, we only see what the government wants us to see. PLUS, hasn't anyone wondered why it's not even allowed to go look through the window of a nursing home (plus the fact that the military is now being sent to nursing homes)? Why can't you even go in a hospital to visit your sick loved one? Maybe its because they know you will see that there isn't some huge problem, plus the fact that there is malpractice going on and they don't want you to see it. 


What we do know is the virus for sure isn't nearly as bad as they are making it out to be. There is also an argument that this virus does not even exist, and though there is an argument there I don't really have enough info to prove it, take that part of the debate with a grain of salt for now as I think we need more evidence to support the theory. However I will explain both sides here since I only want to spread the truth and we should be open minded to look at unlikely possibilities. 

First as far as it being real we know that the statistics we are being told by the media are not correct. Many doctors and even the CDC have finally come out and admitted the real death rate. For symptomatic people not even the general public, it is estimated to be 0.0002%-0.0005%. For people in the "high risk" group it is 0.006%. For people already hospitalized they estimate it 0.036% and that is without a vaccine. The flu is at 0.1-0.2% with a vaccine. Plus most of these deaths, are likely not even Covid since an incredibly high number of deaths are from people who had underlying conditions, as well as what we already discussed with deaths being put as Covid when they are not. Even Italy which was supposed to be the huge epicenter of this has now been putting out these numbers. Not only that but its been estimated that this was out long before lockdown, meaning millions of people could have had it long before any measures were taken. Doctors and scientists, have stated that it is far more contagious then the flu (something like 300x), meaning a lockdown is not going to contain it. WHO keeps comparing this to the Spanish Flu, guys... the Spanish Flu killed an estimation of around 50 million people. The actual statistics we are seeing, and from what doctors are saying, it's far less deadly then our yearly flu. Also keep in mind that around 300,000 to 650,000 people die of the FLU every year, no one is freaking out about that are they? WHO also claims there are two mutations, meanwhile a study was recently published stating they found at least 40 mutations. Every time a virus mutates, the vast majority of the time it makes it less severe. Why? Viruses do not want to kill the host, they can only live and multiply in a live host. So if that information is correct, that means the virus is likely getting weaker as time goes on. 

Something many people have been asking is where it originated. First it was blamed on bats and the seafood market, which a number of scientists say now was definitely wrong. China blames it on the US, the US blames it on China (neither has shown any proof that the other did it). Really we will likely never know the answer to this, it could be natural or engineered. If it is engineered it could have been released by accident or on purpose. IMO I think its pretty likely that they engineered a highly contagious virus with low mortality rate, for the lockdown agenda. I do not think this is a blame a single country thing, this will be talked about in the next topic but assuming this was done on purpose its a joint effort. Plus the US actually funds the Wuhan Lab research and does the same research themselves, so to blame this on a single party really isn't realistic they are all connected. 

 There is also a debate that the virus is not real so I will explain all the known information on this so far and you can draw your own conclusion, as I said I am NOT saying this is the case. But for the sake of the argument I will relay the information. The argument here is the virus was never actually isolated. This goes back to the tests, where the study was done in China where they made a test before actually identifying the virus. It is true here that they never actually isolated the virus. They never purified and visualized a contagion. What they did is they took fluid from the lungs, it was mixed with lung cancer cells (who knows why), they found RNA in these samples, and they sequenced it. RNA does not just come from viruses however. A rule when identifying a contagion is your suppose to follow Koch's Postulates which are, the organism must be found in people with the disease and be absent in people without the disease. The organism must be able to be grown from tissues or other specimens from the affected individual in the laboratory. The organism must cause the disease when given to an unaffected healthy person. The organism must again be grown from this second individual. None of these rules for identifying a contagion were followed. 

Furthermore, it is estimated that what they thought was a virus was actually just exosomes in the sick people. Exosomes are released by our cells on a regular basis. They serve as an important part of our immune system, it is thought that they are actually used for communication. As well as they can absorb toxins etc which protect our cells. There are things however that can dramatically increase the amount of exosomes released in your body. Which includes disease of any sort (bacterial, viral, cancer etc), injuries, toxic substances, infection, radiation, basically any immune response. What can also cause this is STRESS, and as you can imagine most people in the world are pretty stressed out right now. Exosomes don't make you sick, however they are present when you are sick, toxic, or stressed. Later studies done on Covid which claim they did visualize the virus, had pics of what they think is the contagion under a microscope. However not only do exosomes and Covid look visually the same under a microscope, but they are the same size (same diameter inside and outside of the cell), they have the same ACE-2 receptor, both have RNA, both can be found in the same lung fluid they used. So what people are saying is we could just be seeing and testing for exosomes, which are present in large numbers from people who are sick with just about anything (go back to the wide variety of symptoms and the fact that they say a huge number of people can be asymptomatic), which would also account for the huge false positive rate (since it can happen just from stress). Another issue we have is the Covid test does not actually test how much of this RNA is in your body, which is a problem because in order to get sick with a virus etc you need a lot of it attacking your system.

It can be argued that so many studies have been done at this point, so how could we make a mistake like that? The counter argument is these studies are being put out so rapidly, many of them not properly reviewed (which is true it would normally take something like 2 years to put out this number of studies which means they are taking shortcuts), so they are likely not accurate and use this same rushed flawed science in looking for a virus. I have tried to look into this the best that I can, and have actually not read a study yet that actually did things properly to prove this wrong. However its hard to find all these studies so for now I'm leaving this all up for discussion. 


Another big factor for justifying the lockdown and claiming this is a pandemic, is the projections for the future. They keep saying that this is going to be catastrophic, look at what's coming. One of these put out claimed that if the US didn't lockdown and take extreme measures, that over 2 million people were going to die in the US alone, and if they ran out of ventilators up to 4 million could die. This is really what started the entire lockdown within the US. When we first got news from China, everyone started saying it's going to move out, it's going to come here in such and such number of weeks. Politicians in a number of countries kept saying it was under control, and there is no need for drastic measures. Until these models start coming out with all the what ifs and suddenly they have a change of tune. 

There is a big conflict of interest here, and this will be explained better in future sections but will be briefly covered here. Imperial College is the main source of information here and they are not to be trusted. They have a history of poor computer modeling. Professor Neil Ferguson who has played a big part in this. The area of the college he works in takes funding from Bill Gates (will explain his big part in this in later sections). As well as other people from within Imperial College who are connected to the Freemasons. Again will explain this in better detail later.  


 This can't be fully explained without reading the rest of the article but will briefly explain it here. First off, in terms of getting sick the lockdown is actually bad for you. We are constantly exposed to germs all the time which is what builds your immune system. Numerous doctors have stated that being in isolation like this is going to weaken our immune system. So when the lockdown is finally over, we are going to be more likely to get sick since we have been so cut off from everything for a long period of time. Not only that but the few places who have not taken these lockdown measures, have not had anymore cases or deaths then anywhere else. Ours rights are being violated, people are being arrested, and fined while still following the social distancing rules. People in 3rd world countries are being severely beaten/abused. As well as other drastic measures like forced testing, and the government taking your kids away from you (read the rest of the article for more shocking info on that). The lockdown however isn't truly because of Covid 19 and its not going to suddenly let up when the "pandemic" is gone. They have introduced lockdown little by little, casually adding more time and more rules as we go on. They are slowly getting us used to this control that we would never accept before, and testing to see how far they can take it. This has all been planned for a long time. There are other motives at work which will be explained next. 



The New World Order/One World Government/Illuminati play a big role in everything discussed above, and what is going to be discussed after this topic. No, this is not a conspiracy theory (that is what they want you to believe), we have proof it exists, video proof even (go look it up!), there are signs all over wide in the open that it is very real. The Illuminati and its offshoots are basically a satanic worshiping cult. Performing dark rituals including making human sacrifices, particularly children, cannibalism, and drinking blood of their victims. The Illuminati is full of people with power, those in our government and those with a lot of money and influence etc as well as many celebrities, people you wouldn't expect.


 Their ultimate goal is to create a New World Order also called a One World Government. What they want is for these few elite people to have complete control over everyone on the planet. Which means no more elected politicians or government as we know it, no more economy as we know it, no more cash, everything is automated therefore everything can be controlled. It is worse than communism and no one would have any sort of freedom, they have complete control over everything you do. Not only that but they also have a goal of depopulation. They already actively have control over much of our lives. You likely have seen their pyramid symbol with the "all seeing eye" (its on American money for crying out loud). This is how they work, at the top of the pyramid you have the few elite people within the cult who control us. The further down the pyramid you go, the more prevalent these people are in society, but they know less and less the further down you go. Until you get to the bottom where people have no idea what is actually going on. Everyone takes orders from their superiors, those of higher authority. Some may question where their information is coming from, but most will just follow what they are told like the sheep we are or out of fear for their own well being. Those people of higher authority take orders from their superiors, and so on. Until you're once again at the top where the true orders are coming from, it's all a chain of command. It is a secret society and this is how they operate to get us to follow what they want without actually showing themselves. 


A plan for a New World Order has been in the making for many years. There are documents, and statements from many people that prove what their plans are. They have simply been waiting for the right opportunity. I quote David Rockefeller here, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order". Does something come to mind there? Something called Covid 19 maybe? This is how they are going to do it, through brainwashing the people into accepting having their rights taken away, it has already begun. They will do it through promises for health, safety, better technology etc. They have also created chaos to turn us against each other. Look at how people treat each other based off race, religion, political opinion etc. Plus right now everyone is treating each other like they are carriers of the black death itself. They are turning neighbors against each other, trying to get us to spy on others. They are sitting back laughing at our stupidity while we bicker amongst ourselves arguing and hating each other over stupid things, totally ignorant to what is happening. When what we should really be doing is uniting against a much bigger problem. They have even created wars, they have stated so many times how much they love war, they planned 911 and the wars that came after etc, they have been controlling every step of the way. 

 I found a document labeled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. Which was created by guess who... the Rockefeller Foundation. It was published in 2010 and here they present a scenario called Lockstep which is eerily similar to... Covid 19. Lockstep is a scenario which leads "to a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership". They present this, "the pandemic the world has been anticipating for years finally hits" (think back to Bill Gates and all his pandemic predictions/simulations as well as predictions from others who have ties with Bill Gates). "The virus is extremely virulent and deadly, nations are quickly overwhelmed as the virus streaks across the world. The pandemic also has a deadly affect on economies (sounds familiar?), international mobility of people and goods screeches to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains. Even locally, shops and business buildings sit empty for months, devoid of employees and customers." These are not my words these are Rockefeller predictions from 10 years ago. Now I want you to look at this next part carefully.

"The virus spreads like wildfire throughout the planet, not only in underdeveloped areas with limited containment protocols, but in developed countries containment was a challenge. The United States initial policy of strongly discouraging citizens from flying proved deadly" (as in not enough action early enough). "Which accelerates the spread of the virus not only in the US but across boarders." Now comes the good bit. "However a few countries did fare better, China in particular. The Chinese government's quick imposition and enforcement of mandatory quarantine for all citizens, as well as its instant sealing off all boarders, saved millions of lives, stopping the spread of the virus far earlier then in other countries. Enabling a swifter post-pandemic recovery". And that is exactly when happened isn't it? China takes extreme action early on, then after a relatively short time they are miraculously free of the virus and go back to normal, a country with that many people is suddenly all good which sets the standard for the rest of the world to follow. Now WHO etc can say to the rest of the world "look it worked for China so we have to do the same thing!" But wait, there is more! 

"China's government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens. During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions. From the mandatory wearing of face masks, to body temp checks at the entries to communal spaces" (body temp checks have been going on a lot and face masks are mandatory in some areas). "Even after the pandemic, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck, and even INTENSIFIED." (This is whats coming folks its already happening). "In order to protect themselves from increasing global problems such as pandemics, terrorism, and environmental crises" (their excuse), "leaders around the world take a firmer grip of power. At first, the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval. Citizens willingly gave up their sovereignty, and their privacy. In exchange for the promise of greater safety and stability. Leaders had more latitude to impose order in the ways they saw fit. This heightened oversight takes many forms, for example biometric IDs for all citizens". I'm not going to put everything the document says or we will be here for a very long time, a couple more things however."The presence of so many top-down rules and norms greatly inhibits entrepreneurial activity. Scientists and innovators are told by governments what research lines to pursue, leaving other research areas largely untapped". The rest of the document goes onto explain further things that happen from the control, technologies developed to control us, and mentions the eventual push back from citizens once they become suspicious of what has happened.

The media brainwashes everyone into thinking they know what is going on when really we have no idea. People are laid off, and out of a job, those who live off paychecks are suddenly in serious trouble, so then who do they rely on to survive? The government of course! Businesses are shut down, the economy collapses. Remember the New World Order WANTS the economy to collapse, it's part of the plan. Not only that but the amount of FOOD wastage is incredible. Farmers are being ordered to kill all their livestock (were talking millions dead for no reason when there are starving people in the world, it is a CRIME), they are aborting pregnancies, crops are being run over, all in the name of social distancing (meanwhile NASA is still allowed to do launches). Remember Kissinger stated, if you control the food you control the people. In many areas you're not even allowed to purchase seeds now. Not to mention Bill Gates' ties in lab grown meat which will be coming out next, but that will be explained more in a bit. They have locked away everyone in their houses, our only insight into the outside world is our devices which are feeding us false information and fear. Neighbors are being turned against each other, we are suppose to report each other if we are possibly violating any social distancing rules. We can't gather with others in any sort of way which limits communication, this is all feeding the fear mongering and finding out the real facts.

People are being fined, and ARRESTED for being in public while still following the social distancing rules. For example a father was arrested for being within 6ft of his SON, a woman was walking in a park alone with her dog and was fined for "standing in place for more then 2 minutes". You're not allowed to go on a walk by yourself, but you're allowed to stand in a lineup at Walmart. What about the 6ft rule anyway? It must be the magical number where the virus stops spreading! Actually being at least 6ft away from each other makes it much easier for surveillance cameras to identify you and follow where your going. Cameras are setup all over the place already, they can instantly tell who you are and keep track of everything you do, there are millions of them in China. They are taking advantage of the lockdown to setup further measures of control without us noticing which will be explained in detail later. We already have the clues that lockdown is not going to subside anytime soon or as it has been stated "possibly ever". They claim they need to find a vaccine first (will explain in detail later), which of course people are going to flock to. What is going to come next? They will make more and more excuses to keep their lockdown, we will all have digital ID and other ways to track us (already happening and will explain later), they are going to aim to have extreme control over every aspect of our lives, even as simple as buying food. Which we are probably going to freely give them at first with no protest. If we do not stand up for our rights soon, we will be living in a world worse then Nazi Germany.

Also something newly developed during the writing of this article, the US, is now making "child concentration camps". This is not a joke, it is really happening. You think were not approaching the level of Nazi Germany? Oh yes we are, they call them "quarantine facilities". There have been many videos of police taking people's kids and babies away from them if they violate any social distancing rules etc. In the US now, anyone who is getting any benefits/money from the government, are required to get tested for Covid 19. If they do not get tested by a set date, their benefits will be suspended. Not only that but, if anyone in your family tests positive, they can come take your kids away (anyone under 18), and are going to be placing them in these camps. The New World Order is unfolding before our very eyes.  


This may sound ridiculous and like a sci-fi movie, but it isn't a joke. This is not the only document containing their predictions and plans. Plus just look at Bill Gates, Fauci, and other people connected to the cult and you will see they have been predicting this for years publicly. You think Event 201 was just a coincidence? Even Fauci stated when President Trump was elected that an "unexpected pandemic WILL be coming within the next couple years" and that the new administration will have to deal with it. Think of what is happening right now. The pandemic which had been simulated and stated was coming finally came, the pandemic is an "unknown", which puts fear into the people. This gives us that major crisis we needed. Governments tell us we're all going to die, it's a deadly disease like no other. Lockdown measures are put into place slowly, bit by bit. Getting the people more accepting as time goes on. 

 People from this cult are planted all over the world, right under our noses. Including people you wouldn't even think of such as many celebrities etc. Speaking of celebrities, just thought I would put this in here as something that happened during the writing of this article. Celine Dion has come out with her new children's clothing line. Filled with clothes covered in skulls, devil horns and get this, Illuminati cult symbols. Including the very symbols that can be found inside Bohemian Grove. They talk in interviews mentioning the "New Order" a number of times, shirts in their commercials on babies have "New Order" on them with satanic symbols everywhere. Gee I wonder what they are referring to? As well a picture of a child wearing a mask of the "Sabbatic Goat" called Baphomet (which is also a logo for Satanism) while holding satanic books. These people are slowly revealing themselves, they are all over.

 The CIA is controlled by the cult, Hollywood, FEMA, United Nations is all controlled by the cult, even DISNEY was built from the cult. Hasn't anyone ever noticed how creepy most Disney movies are? I always thought so, even before I knew this, I mean lets face it no wonder kids have nightmares and are scared of monsters under their beds. Walt Disney, who everyone thinks was a great person, was high up in the Freemasons, he was a 33rd degree Mason. The CIA, who is run by the cult, helped fund the land purchase to build Disney World. And if you look at Disney movies, you will find they are ALL full of Illuminati satanic symbols, I literally have not found a single kids Disney movie yet that isn't saturated with it. It's plain as day in some with "Ask Illimunati" SPELLED OUT on white boards in schools, or on eye charts etc (go look up pics!). As well as a plethora of symbols such as the all seeing eye, Illimunati hand signs, and many other satanic symbols. This stuff is even hidden in some Disney World rides. Disney also has an "elite" club called the Disney Masonic Club, also called Club33, with a $100,000/yr fee to join. It isn't limited to Disney either, our kids are being bombarded with this crap and we don't even realize it. Also, ever wonder how the Simpsons keep predicting the future? They predicted Trump's presidency, they even predicted this pandemic, as well as "murder hornets" coming out during the pandemic (which has happened), and many other things. They too are filled with Illuminati symbols, and I would be willing to bet this is how they keep predicting the future, since its all planned. You will also find this in an enormous number of movies everywhere. Not to mention Microsoft's latest commercial put out on Easter, where they hired a well known Satanist who did.. certain rituals for the commercial. It is all hidden in plain site yet we are too blind to see it.


The first thing I am going to list here is, ever wonder who actually owns WHO and who started it? The Answer is, the Rockefellers started it, and Bill Gates is their #1 funder since the US dropped out. Considering Bill Gates owns it and who started it, I would say WHO just lost all their credibility. Not to mention Tedros who is their lead spokesperson, I would suggest also looking him up. Notice how they have been making the wrong calls through the whole pandemic? Well those have been the right calls for the cult. Gates also funds many other health based organizations. Just go take a look at all the people who go to the Bilberberg meetings, or how about Bohemian Grove. Go take a look at the people in your government, and see how their people connect to the media, what you will find is shocking, it's all connected! Look who one of "the worlds leading experts on infectious disease" is...think Fauci isn't in on this? Of course he is! Notice how the media and the US are following all his advice and completely dismissing information from actual medical experts? Again I suggest looking up Fauci for who he really is, someone who should be in jail. He's not the only person in power who shouldn't be giving out any medical advice. 

So many people in power are in on this, and our politicians simply do what they are told or the politicians themselves are in it. Clintons? Obama? They are massively into this as well as so many others. Royal family? They are some of the worst out there. Remember that recent video of a naked child climbing out of a palace window with sheets he made into a rope when he then fell to his death? Ever wonder why the child was in the palace and why he was so desperate he tried to climb out the window to escape? Catholic church? Yes they are also in on it, and I'm not saying that Catholics are a part of this. But the Catholic Church and the Pope are very much guilty. Anyone ever looked at pics of the Vatican Audience Hall where the Pope preaches? For a place that is supposed to be related to Christianity teachings, isn't it kind of strange that the inside and outside of the building are made to look exactly like a snake? Isn't it kind of strange that where the Pope stands there is a huge sculpture of a flying lizard/snake/person thing? Seriously, go look at the pictures it's clear as day.

One video was caught from the White House with a reporter and someone from the White House who were speaking, not knowing the mic was turned on. I will quote what they said here. "Whats up buddy" (reporter), "What do you know man? (white house guy talking)". "You can take off the mask. The case fatality rate is like 0.1 to 0.3% according to USC". "Thats reassuring, everybody here has been vaccinated anyway (white house guy talking!)". "USC and LA County Public Health have come out with a study, they found that there's 7000 cases in California. They really believe its more like 221,000 to 442,000 people who were infected". "Really". "Yeah" "So its all a HOAX". Well there you have it, straight from the White House "they have all been vaccinated anyway", so what exactly is the thing Bill Gates is inventing? What exactly are they doing human trials on? 

Or how about this, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer, also works for WHO which they have tried to keep hidden. She said this in a 2010 documentary:"You could track people, put bracelets on their arms", "Police checkpoints are set up, Everyone leaving the city is required to show proof of vaccination. Those who refuse to cooperate ARE TAKEN AWAY TO TEMPORARY DETENTION CENTERS". News flash, this is what Canada is already doing. If you go to the hospital and they suspect you as Covid, you cannot leave unless they put a tracking bracelet on you as well as force you to install a tracking app, which you cannot take off otherwise it notifies them and the cops come to get you. "Everyone is required to show proof of vaccination", this is what all these people have already stated is going to happen. You won't be able to come out of lockdown or do anything unless you can show proof you got the Covid 19 vaccine. Sure even if it's mandatory you should still be able to decline the vaccine legally, but that won't help you if you can't leave your house or go buy food without your proof of vaccination. WAKE UP, am I starting to paint a picture yet? 

I didn't write this following bit but I couldn't have said it better myself so I will put it here. "WELL, WELL, WELL!! Isn’t it just an interesting coincidence that Remdesivir is made by Gilead and is the “CURE” for COVID-19....and here’s where it gets interesting China holds the patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan and you’ll never guess who are the main financial investors in UNITAID....none other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO. I know what your thinking! It’s just all a coincidence isn’t it! Oh, don’t let me forget the other coincidence that Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Oh, silly me I forgot one more coincidence Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses......I sure am thankful it’s all just coincidences! Nothing to see here just keep moving along....WOW! No wonder Fauci slapped down hydroxychloroquine which has a 92% success rate...he was told to!!"


I'm going to put a few quotes here from some of our fellow elites. Brought to you by Gates, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Warburg, Bormann, Bush, Schlesinger, Hitler (hes basically a member who decided he wanted to do it all himself), Pope John Paul, Chishelm, Cronkite etc.      

Vaccines/Digital ID


I want to start this topic off by saying, I am NOT antivax. However vaccines also play a role in this. I want to repeat this quote: "Through vaccines, we can save lives and depopulate the planet by 10-15%". This was stated by the king of vaccines, Bill Gates himself... many many times. So exactly how are you supposed to save lives and at the same time depopulate the planet by 10-15%? Let me remind you that is pushing a billion people. Bill Gates has made it quite clear on many occasions that he believes in depopulation. Bill Gates has referred to himself during this pandemic as a "medical expert", he has had an immense amount of influence during this pandemic. Isn't it interesting how someone who worked with computers just magically becomes a "medical expert", that everyone is taking advice from? Isn't it also interesting how he is also behind ID2020 (will explain that in a bit). Governments all over the world are calling for this mandatory Covid 19 vaccine, "immunity passports" to show you have been vaccinated if you want any of your rights back, lockdown isn't going to end until we have this vaccine and can vaccinate the entire planet etc. All brought to you by yours truly Bill Gates. I'm going to explain below all the reasons you shouldn't touch anything coming from him with a 10ft pole. Oh and fun fact, Bill Gate's kids are NOT vaccinated. This topic isn't only about Bill Gates however there is more to it then just him.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has intentionally killed, sterilized, and paralyzed millions of innocent people with their vaccines. Promising to eradicate polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India's National Advisory Board. He mandated 50 polio vaccinations PER child before the age of 5. It does not take a medical expert to know something is seriously wrong with 50 vaccines for a child under 5. The result was a vaccine strain polio epidemic which paralyzed nearly 500,000 kids, the Indian government evicted Gates and dialed back on his vaccine regime. Polio paralysis dropped significantly. WHO (who is owned by Bill Gates), later admitted that the epidemic did in fact come from their vaccine. This was not the only country with this problem which was proven to be linked with his vaccine. By 2018 3/4 of global polio cases were from Gate's vaccine.

In 2014 the Gates Foundation funded tests for experimental HPV vaccines, on 23,000 young girls (guinea pigs/lab rats to him) in India. 1200 of those girls suffered severe side affects, including autoimmune disease, fertility disorders, and death. It was found that Gate's funded researchers committed ethical violations. Pressuring vulnerable village girls to do the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls.

In 2010 the Gates Foundation funded a trial of GSK's experimental malaria vaccine. Which killed 151 African infants. 1000-5000 infants had severe adverse reactions including seizures, febrile convulsions, and paralysis.

In 2002 Gates's operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children for meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers stated they were guinea pigs.

In 2010 Gates committed $10 million to the WHO, publicly promising to reduce the population through new vaccines. In 2014 WHO was accused of sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women through a tetanus vaccine. Labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying charges, WHO finally admitted they had been making sterility vaccines for a decade. Similar accusations came from many other countries. 

A 2017 study shows that WHO's DTP vaccine is killing more African children then the disease itself. Vaccinated children have 10x the death rate of unvaccinated children. Gates and WHO have refused to recall the deadly vaccine which is forced upon millions of African children yearly. 

Global Health advocates around the world accuse Gates of hijacking WHO's agenda away from projects that are proven to curb infectious disease, clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development, in order to serve his own personal vaccine agenda. In addition to having control over WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, PATH, NPR, CEPI, Our World Health in Data, BBC health coverage, ABC news health coverage, Imperial College, and many others, Gates funds private pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. There is also a massive network of industry front groups that broadcast deceptive propaganda, fraudulent studies, conducting surveillance and psychological operations against vaccine hesitancy, using Gates' power and money to coerce compliance. He also funded The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the Global Financing Facility, as well as funds agricultural and other research. Gates is also involved with Monsanto which has been called "the most evil company in the world", and funds the lab grown meat project, yes he even has control over our food. Basically, he has control over virtually everything health related and much more.


Bill Gates is not the only one to put bad stuff in vaccines, I will outline this quickly before getting back to the Covid 19 vaccine. Again, I am not antivax, but we need to use some common sense and pick and choose what we need and what we don't. First off, the flu shot has been proven to make you more susceptible to guess what... coronaviruses, as much as 36% more susceptible, as well as other viruses. Meanwhile people are being pressured to get the flu shot during Covid 19. 

Some of the contents that have been proven to be in vaccines include organs which have been harvested from aborted fetuses, in which fetal cells are used to make vaccines. Which isn't just and ethical issue but they also re sequence the DNA to cause things like cancer. As well as cells from the blood, brain, kidneys, heart, embryo, serum, eggs and others from, monkeys, cows, pigs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks, sheep, and more. Viruses from monkeys, and pigs have also been found in vaccines and infected individuals who got said vaccine. Human albumin is also used in making vaccines, which is supposed to be removed from the final product. If any remained however it could be extremely dangerous if your body develops antibodies against the serum. Substances are also found in vaccines which are cancer causing, poisonous, neurotoxins, toxic to cells, can cause birth defects, genetic mutations, brain damage, neurological diseases and conditions, autoimmune disease, can cause extreme allergic reactions, and possibly link to Autism. In terms of Autism, today 1% of the world's population has Autism which comes out to 79 million. In 1991 when they came up with the National Vaccine Initiative cases of Autism was 1/10,000, now 25 years later it is 1/29. 

Experimental vaccine trials have also been conducted in a very inhumane manner. Including testing experimental vaccines on those in 3rd world countries, and those "who won't be contributors to society". Something a lot of people seem to have brushed off, or maybe just didn't see, was something very suspicious going on in Africa. Just recently Africans were posting videos pleading for help, due to being forced to take what they were being told is the Covid 19 vaccine. People were being rounded up on the streets, even stopped at the side of the road. And both adults and children were having adverse reactions, with some instantly dropping dead when being given this apparent Covid 19 vaccine. Of course these videos were quickly banned all over the internet so maybe not many people saw them. What the heck was going on there? 

Vaccines are also being used irresponsibly. For example why are we giving so many vaccines to newborn babies, or babies period? A baby's immune system is not fully developed until 6 months - 1 year of age. Which means any vaccines given before then will do literally nothing as the immune system is not mature enough to mount an immune response to the vaccine. A lot of people don't seem to understand how vaccines actually work, I have seen a lot who believe a vaccine kills the virus/bacteria, or that it strengthens your immune system. Vaccines are very simple in how they work, all you're doing is introducing a dead or weakened virus/bacteria so that your body can make antibodies that recognize it, without actually getting sick. That way when you're next exposed to that virus or bacteria, your body recognizes it quickly and destroys it before you can get sick. In other words it uses the immune system you already have, to keep you healthy. So if you don't have a developed immune system when under a year old, how exactly is that going to work? The answer is it can't, we are filling babies full of harmful substances for no reason. A lot of people will also try to tell you that babies do not have any protection against illness without vaccines, this is NOT true. Babies get antibodies from the mother through colostrum in the milk which protects them until their own immune system can take over. This is the same for all mammals not just people. The amount of vaccines we give to kids is astonishing. Vaccines are a good thing, but it has been taken over by the wrong people.

I am also going to relay some information from Dr. Judy Mikovits, who has made some very strong accusations about the dangers of vaccines. Dr. Mikovits has a doctorate in molecular biology, with nearly 4 decades of experience in science including more then 35 years experience with Dr. Frank Resketty, who is one of the founders of the field of human retrovirology. She also was part of the research committee for HIV/AIDS during its epidemic. Dr. Mikovits has extensive experience in research and studies done on vaccines. And when she and co-workers published their studies showing that vaccines are hugely responsible for cancer, autism, and many serious diseases, her life was threatened, she was imprisoned and her career destroyed, with a gag order that prevented her from speaking out for a number of years, because she would not retract the papers and post an apology. Fauci along with the NIAID were responsible for having the papers retracted, along with 30 years of her research being wiped from the computers at her multiple offices. She is now speaking out again and makes the following claims. Their studies found that people in the US and London had extremely high contamination in their blood. And that vaccines were contaminated with serious diseases, mostly from animals. Including cancer and neuro-immune disease causing viruses from mice, blood diseases, coronaviruses from dogs, and more. She claims that the media and journalism sites are paid off to only publish information the government wants us to see and that little of it is based on any science. She also claims that many of the epidemics we have had were strains caused by vaccines, similar to the vaccine strain polio outbreak from Gates. Blaming vaccines for 10's of millions of deaths worldwide. Dr. Mikovits believes there should be an official inquiry from the US on if vaccines are a crime against humanity. Will post her videos on this site which explain in better detail. Since speaking out Dr Mikovitts has been demonized and falsely discredited by the MSM and videos interviewing her are immediately banned and taken down by Youtube and Facebook.

In regards to the Covid 19 vaccine, no one has EVER been successful in creating a "safe" vaccine against a coronavirus (and there are many out there including SARS). Human and animal trials have either resulted in instantly killing the subject, or causing far more serious disease when exposed to what you're being vaccinated for. So how exactly are they planning on fast tracking a Covid 19 vaccine when this is actually something that has never been accomplished?       


So after reading that do you REALLY want Bill Gate's MANDATORY Covid 19 vaccine? Which he states as of May 1st will be coming out in 9 months?! Do you really want to be part of his depopulation agenda? People on my Facebook friends list are all planning on flocking to this vaccine! Polls have shown that up to 80% of people in some areas are in support of the vaccine being mandatory! We have no way of knowing what will be inside this. Not only that but they have skipped animal trials and gone straight to human trials, people are already getting the vaccine, which is contrary to all best practices for new vaccines. Not to mention the fact that making a vaccine mandatory is violating our basic rights. Even worse, it has been admitted that this vaccine will be a DNA based vaccine which works through modifying your DNA (still thinking you want this?). This is something that is in experimental stages and has never before been used in humans (normally vaccines like this would take 15-20 years to complete). This defies everything that a vaccine is, which is exposing you to a dead or weakened contagion. A DNA vaccine does not inject you with any virus or bacteria so you can make antibodies that recognize it. What it does is in combination with nanotechnology, they are injecting you with "programmed" DNA. This DNA is supposed to program your cells into creating something that looks exactly like a virus. So in simple terms, the goal is to "corrupt" your own cells so that your body fights against your own cells as if it was a virus. Which sounds totally safe, plus why wouldn't I want nanotechnology in me? So on top of never being able to make a coronavirus vaccine before that isn't dangerous, they are going against how every vaccine works and trying to do something completely different, all in a rushed timeline.

Also, lets look back at Gates' predictions. He predicted a pandemic years before it happened, not only a pandemic, but a coronavirus, similar to SARS but worse. He even predicted it would come out of the Wuhan market, which Fauci and others concurred with. And now what are they saying? Wave 2 is going to come, maybe wave 3, tons more people are going to die and we will have to lockdown again. He is even now talking about pandemic 2! Yes he has stated that pandemic 2 will for sure be coming. Watch what these people say, because chances are it will all happen since its all coming from the cult and their plans. Going back to the contaminated vaccine issue, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if "pandemic 2" comes out of the Covid 19 vaccine everyone is planning on getting. Except something that actually is super deadly this time. After all WHO does own a patent on Ebola, Bill Gates owns a patent on coronavirus (convenient isn't it), yes you can actually own viruses!   


But what is the real reason behind this vaccine? As talked about earlier, it is about control which is a lot more scary than whatever contents could be inside it. Bill Gate's has let it slip that he is in fact planning on identifying anyone who has and hasn't had the vaccine through digital ID. There are a few different kinds of digital ID in the making, for the sake of making it simple I will use the word microchip even though it isn't really a true microchip. Once you get your Covid 19 vaccine, your going to become a walking tracker, its that simple.

The Gates Foundation has already been funding a digital ID project for 6 years. One of the new "microchips" that will be coming out is a quantum-dot-tattoo. Which is basically an, invisible tattoo with all your information on it, which is also btw... funded by the Gates Foundation and has been stated that it will be injected WITH vaccines. Next we have your RFID implants, which normally go in your hand and are already being used in the real world. On the note of RFID chips I wanted to tell this quick story. I came across someone on Facebook who was very upset claiming they went to the hospital thinking they had Covid. When they got there, they were put under against their will, and when they woke up they were told by the doctors "this will cure your Covid 19", with xrays of RFID chips in both his hands and something unidentifiable in his finger. He didn't even know what they were before he posted, there were xrays and pics of his recovering hands to prove it. So yes, that is happening. I have heard similar stories coming from other people going to the hospital and doctors trying to force them to go into surgery right away without even being examined!!

Next on the list we have ID2020, which is run by guess who... the Gates Foundation! Microsoft has also made an alliance with the following companies for ID2020. Accenture, IDEO, Gavi (just that vaccine company that is funded and owned by Bill Gates), and the Rockefeller Foundation (big surprise we're back to that name again). ID2020 is a quest to bring digital ID to all the people of the world, ID which has everything about you in it (I mean everything). As well as being able to use it... for just about everything including credit cards, online banking, passports, social media accounts and much more. We also have nanochips/smart dust. Which are literally "nanomachines" that track you and have all your info, the size of dust, they can be sprayed on you, consumed, injected, and you would never notice. They also have the ability to REPLICATE once inside you and CHANGE your DNA. Any Star Trek fans here? Well smart dust is basically exactly the same as the Borg.

But wait.. there is more! And as always, it goes back to Bill Gates. Bill Gates is now involved with DARPA, I suggest you do research on DARPA as they too have an agenda, but its really a different discussion from this topic. Now however DARPA, along with Bill Gates, and funding from the Military are planning on coming out with this. A Military funded biosensor, which is perhaps more disturbing then the microchips. To make it simple, this is basically a gel that is injected into you. This gel is then supposed to detect when you are getting sick (with anything), weeks before you get symptoms, and it then notifies whoever is hiding behind closed doors. They say it is to "prevent future pandemics before they can start". Just imagine the level of control this could give them. The government could force you to lockdown just because this thing says you may get sick weeks from now, probably force you to go to the hospital and get "treatment" for whatever might make you sick in the future. In other words they now have an excuse to lock anyone up, anytime they want, and probably an excuse to fill you full of drugs on a "what if" basis. And just another note, we're all exposed to germs all the time, we have viruses and bacteria in us constantly. Most of the time our immune system fights it off before symptoms can show, you need it in very large amounts to actually make you sick. Which makes the legitimacy of something like this pretty questionable.

The bigger picture here is that the Covid 19 vaccine will be injecting you with a form of digital ID. They will now have all information on you, know everything about your life, and you won't even know it. Remember all the people telling us that we won't be able to come out of lockdown without the Covid 19 vaccine? That we will have restrictions on us if we have not been vaccinated? That we will have vaccination "passports" or other way of proving vaccination? Picture this... the Covid 19 vaccine finally comes out, but you decide you don't want it. A few months in you want to go on a flight, you arrive but they won't let you on because you have not been vaccinated aka don't have the microchip. Fast forward you want to go to the store to buy groceries, but your card is declined. You try to order supplies online, but it won't let you. You want to go for a drive, you're stopped and told you're not allowed on the roads. This is the kind of control they will be able to have over you. Remember the New World Order wants everything to be automated, no more cash (all payments will go through your Digital ID) etc because then they have total control over everything you can and can't do. It's already happening in some places, people are paying for things and getting through locked doors etc with implants. Just look at China, everything is automated there, millions of surveillance cameras, the government can find you in minutes. China is like the New World Order's testing grounds, except the real New World Order will be much worse.

Want further proof? Lets look at the Covid 19 vaccine trial in the US that went on (which people lined up for). They were injecting people with the vaccine, and immediately afterwards using a machine to electronically "zap" the person at the injection site. Since when do you need to be zapped by a machine for a vaccine to work? Since when has that ever been done? Microchips being activated come to mind? 

More proof as to why digital ID is a bad idea. Lets look at this statement from the Chief Technical Officer at BiChip, which made the worlds first "microchip" which contains all your personal ID, payment methods etc. “I am the Beast at the end of the Bible, and I promise I will destroy the planet. I am going to get a group of terrible people to run this world, so get ready for my New World Order.” Yes this person obviously has some serious mental issues, but that is the point, these are the kinds of people behind this. People who have tried to expose what they want to do with digital ID and who have tried to question further on his statements, have received death threats from the company and apparently huge bribes in cryptocurrency to not publish anything. This man is a Satanist. Even worse the entire reason he started the BiChip company with several other people, is because he actually believes that he is the Beast foretold in the Bible, and he wants to use microchip implants made by BiChip, as his literal ‘Mark of the Beast’. His microchips are sold to governments worldwide. Everything involved here always goes back to the CULT.

Now we're back to Bill Gates again. Microsoft has gotten a patent numbered WO-2020-060606 and titled Cryptocurrency System Using Body Data Activity. In short, through Digital ID Bill Gates wants to use your brain as a "mining operation". Basically, he wants to use your brain power to mine cryptocurrency. Why not turn us all into computers? 

Lastly, I want to come back to the quantum-dot-tattoos because there is an important detail here. As I said before, quantum-dot-tattoos are an "invisible ink". But if it's invisible, how do authorities see it to know you have it? The answer is through a special device the ink will show up, because of an enzyme called "luciferase". That's right, Bill Gates through vaccines will be injecting you with invisible ink containing luciferase. Guys, this is all so OBVIOUS what their intentions are. Anyone can find this information it is public! Yet we are all too blinded by fear to see what is happening. Nicholas Rockefeller even admitted, that the New World Order's plan was to have the entire planet microchipped as a big part of executing the total control they want.



First off, i'm not going to say that 5G is causing the virus, spreading the virus, or anything else like that. I am aware that there are conspiracies out there that are not based on any fact or science in terms of 5G and Covid. However 5G does play an important role in this, it really connects all the topics we have talked about so far. 


A lot of people don't really seem to understand what exactly 5G is so I am going to explain it here first. 5G stands for 5th generation internet, but it is not just faster internet. Though many seem to think its just faster downloads it is so much more then that. 5G is like nothing we have ever had before. The goal through 5G is to have "The Internet of Things". Right now, our information from the internet etc is supposed to be "inside our devices" if you will and 4G is broadcasted over large areas which 5G does not do. It is supposed to be private to us (nothing we have is actually private though but that's another article in itself!). Currently we have had 2G, 3G, and 4G. All of which you can choose to have, you can choose if you want a device such as a cell phone or a computer using the internet, or you can choose not to have it. The thing with 5G is that you won't be able to choose if you want to use it or not because it works in a completely different way. To keep it in simple terms, 5G is not limited to a device, it is everywhere, which I will explain.

What they want to do is create a "smart grid" over the entire planet. Think of it as a wire grid, which covers the whole world. This grid will be created through tens of thousands of low orbit satellites which are mainly those of Elon Musk, another player in this. These satellites will connect with massive numbers of devices on the ground. 5G does not travel far like the other generations of internet, and it does not travel through solid objects very well. Because of this they want to put tons of these devices which emit electromagnetic waves all around our communities. These devices are hidden everywhere, including inside street lights, on cell towers, buildings of all types, houses, they are even inside fake trees etc. These devices will all connect to each other through what is similar to a "laser beam", and they will all connect to the satellites, which all connect to each other. These will also tie in with surveillance cameras on the ground and in space. This creates 1 giant grid of beams over the whole world forming an enormous net. Oh and just a note, Bill Gates just invested $1 billion to cover the earth with video surveillance satellites. And Microsoft is a funder of 5G technology. He really does have it all covered doesn't he? 


So why is this a problem? The smart grid will be used to create "The Internet of Things". In simple terms what this means is, everything is connected. Not just your phone and your computer, but all your appliances in your home, cars, and hint hint how about your digital ID, plus much more. Remember when I mentioned it being connected to surveillance cameras? Well 5G will be able to instantly identify you wherever you go, it will be able to hear what you say every minute of the day, it will know where you are all the time, you will be spied on 24/7, you will have no privacy at all in anything you do, and through 5G every single thing you do will be fully automated (think back to New World Order). Not only that, but 5G will have a sort of "intelligence" through the smart grid. For example, right now if you want to order an Uber you have to go on your phone and go to the Uber app, and get one. Well with 5G...get this. You won't need a device of any sort to order your Uber. All you have to do is say "I want an Uber" to the open air, you don't need a thing with you. The 5G network will pick up what you just said, and order you an Uber. When it arrives the Uber driver will already know your name and what you look like through 5G (and the ultimate goal is to have no driver at all). It will basically turn the planet into half computer.

Lets go back to the New World Order and how they want everything completely automated so everything can be totally controlled. 5G is their last link in this mission. Think about it for a second. We have your Digital ID, which will likely connect to 5G, and we have the Internet Of Things. Total surveillance, total knowledge about you, total control over what you do and where you go. Think of it, they eventually want all cars driverless and connected to 5G. Aka you have to tell your car where to go, but it can only travel within the limits of where 5G wants you to go. If you do something that someone behind the scenes does not like, they instantly have all your belongings (like your fully digital cash which they could take anytime), they know where you are, what you say, everything about you. They could so easily in seconds take all your money from you, make it unable for you to buy food or travel. This is already happening in China, via their social credit system, which I said before is like a testing grounds for the New World Order. Just the privacy issue alone is such a huge problem, nothing you say, message, or do will be private ever again. Does it not creep you out to think that someone can be watching you through your devices and through the 5G network every second of the day? A completely automated world of technology equals all of our rights and freedoms are gone. 


There isn't only a privacy and a control issue here, but a health risk as well. First thing I want to get straight is ALL generations of internet, are harmful to your health. It's just a fact, its been proven time over. I'm going to list the affects of our normal wifi first, then we will do 5G next. The following numbers are in micro watts per centimeter squared. Short term exposure to 0.05 children and teens are found to have problems with irritation, headaches, concentration, and behavioral issues. 0.1 is the baubiology guideline in Germany for extreme concern. 1.0 can cause headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion. 2.5 causes altered calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells. 4.0 causes changes in the hippocampus  affecting memory and learning. 6.0 causes DNA damage in cells. Now get this, a single smart meter emits levels of 7.93. A number of countries have set their standards at 9.5-10. This level causes changes in behavior at just 30 minutes of exposure causing reflexes of avoidance. A room of 12 smart meters is very common in apartment buildings which come out to around 19.8. In Canada, the US, and other countries, the safety limits are set at 600-1000! This is literally tens of thousands of times higher than what is proven to cause damage from peer reviewed scientific research. Wifi has also been found to cause cancer, and neurological diseases/conditions including brain damage. As well as reproductive damage, particularly in women, which can cause genetic damage and defects in their children, and then their children, for all generations. Our exposure isn't just limited to 1 device, it's many devices and sources of radiation, all day every day.

Also something I will add here, I found this lovely patent which just adds to all of this going on right now. It is called "Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors". It was made years ago so one can only imagine what its doing now. But basically it talks about how your nervous system can be manipulated through EMF and strobes of lights coming off your TV or other devices. This is literally programmed into what your viewing, and can be used as a means of basic mind control. It can even instantly make you sick with diarrhea etc. I have no doubt this is happening through all the Covid news everyone is watching right now.  


So now that you have read what normal everyday wifi does to you, can you imagine what 5G does to your health? 5G is far different then what we have ever had before, and the frequencies it uses are far different then all other generations of internet. 5G is already being used in the military in many countries as a WEAPON. The range of GHz that 4G uses is 2-6 GHz and we already know that is damaging. 5G uses anywhere from 25-300 GHz. The frequency they are planning to use the most, is 60 GHz and I will tell you why this is a problem, besides all the cancer etc it will cause. 60 GHz, is within a frequency range where electromagnetic waves affect Oxygen. Millimeter waves at 60 GHz frequencies absorb oxygen. Remember all those "beams" we talked about as part of the grid? Oxygen will not be able to exist anywhere around those beams of electromagnetic waves. These frequencies that 5G will use have even worse problems. At the molecular level, these frequencies affect the orbit of electrons, and that affects the ability of hemoglobin in your blood to bind with oxygen. In simple terms, this means that 5G frequencies causes the molecules in oxygen to spin, which makes it unable for the hemoglobin in your blood to bind with it. Which means your blood CANNOT CARRY OXYGEN TO YOUR BODY. We cannot survive without oxygen, and if you're hit with these frequencies you will be severely compromised and slowly starved of oxygen. 5G frequencies also affect many other aspects of your health, including being damaging to microbes which are essential for your immune system.

Also just a note, some people will try to defuse this argument for both normal wifi and 5G, by saying the sun emits stronger radiation and isn't harmful so how could wifi or 5G be harmful. This has been debunked by doctors and scientists. The radiation you get from the sun is totally different then man made EMFs. Yes its more intense but natural radiation from the sun is not the same thing, it does not affect the inside of your body, most does not even penetrate your skin and the bit that does has field strengths equal to 0. Plus you can wear protection against the sun, and your not exposed to it 24/7 like you are to wifi etc. Sources for expanding on this topic will be posted on the site.    


So I want to think back to early in this article now, about the fact that numerous doctors and nurses have stated that many of the severely ill coronavirus patients are suffering from what looks like altitude sickness. In other words they have hypoxia, with no pneumonia to cause it. One ICU doctor from NY stated that it was like nothing he has ever seen before, and he does not know what is causing it but it could not be caused by a virus. Hydroxychloroquine has been proven effective against Covid, this drug is also effective against this exact type of problem. 

Where did Covid 19 first breakout anyway? Oh yes.. Wuhan China where 2 weeks before the outbreak they flipped the switch to the worlds first 5G smart grid. For a place that already has tons of deaths to toxic air, a big smoking problem, and a new virus, you can be sure 5G would tip them over the edge. Remember all those videos of seemingly health people randomly fainting in the streets and having extreme convulsions? Notice how those people were always near something like... street lights? Lets face it, its pretty strange for a person to be healthy enough to be walking around looking totally normal then just randomly collapse with seizures. Radiation, and being starved of oxygen can also cause flu like symptoms. Remember that buzzing feeling that a bunch of people with Covid are feeling? This is something that a number of people have reported feeling when near 5G.

 I know next thing you're going to say is "well Covid is in lots of places 5G isn't". And I am not saying there is no virus, i'm not saying 5G is the cause of everyone getting sick (which actually isn't happening since there is no pandemic). 5G however is in a lot more places then you think it is. NY? It has loads of 5G already, as well as Italy and a large number of other areas. Which includes cruise ships. Remember that cruise ship everyone was talking about with Covid on it that was quarantined for many weeks? Well that ship had 5G. Literally thousands of doctors and scientists are against the rollout of 5G, huge numbers of independent studies have been done which show how harmful it is to your health. Do you know how many studies have been done on it by the industry wanting to roll it out? ZERO! Not a penny has been invested by the industry to health test it, because they know it would fail. 


What many don't know, is during while you're all locked up in your homes obsessing over the virus, 5G is being rolled out worldwide at a rapid speed. Governments are taking advantage of the lockdown to put all their 5G up, but why? For one thing a lot of people don't even know its happening. People can't protest while all living in a cave during lockdown. They know that tons of people don't want it up so they put it out when no one is looking. I live in the middle of nowhere, and 5G is even being put up in my area I have seen it. And it's being put everywhere. Like I said it's hidden in things like street lights, trees etc. They are also putting it up on buildings, on people's houses, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and so on. And 5G isn't only harmful to people, it is harmful to every living thing, including animals and plants. I have seen a large number of videos of trees being dead on the side that is located beside 5G. Also something that has been going on during lockdown is huge numbers of birds fainting with convulsions (sound familiar?) in areas like China and Italy. And what about insects like Bees? It damages literally everything that lives...when all the Bees die of radiation next thing they are going to blame it on these new hornets. It has also been shown that for some reason, insects and other animals are attracted to 5G, they want to hang around it then they end up dying shortly after. Videos just recently were released of large numbers of birds, actually attacking a 5G tower trying to pull the wires out.  


I have seen so many accounts of people getting sick or affected by 5G so I will list a few here. There have been multiple reports of everyone, kids and teachers feeling very sick in schools, but only while in the school, they feel fine outside. So much so that classes started getting held outside. It was later found that 5G had been installed inside the schools. There are recent reports of firefighters, feeling very sick, confused, and having memory problems at their stations where 5G had just recently been put up, which stopped when they left the area. Another report from a man investigating 5G, it was put up in his county and within days tons of people starting having severe problems with nosebleeds. I saw a report from a women who went to a soccer game with her son and family, there was a tower with 5G on it in the area. This was right before the Covid lockdown started. She stated she didn't know it was harmful at the time so she sat near the tower. Within minutes she was throwing up, and everyone at the soccer game complained of feeling tired, confused, and sick. Ever since then her entire family has been suffering from extreme joint pain, her being the worst. Another report of a man who was jogging in an area where 5G had recently been put up. He complained of feeling a "buzzing feeling on the skin" every couple minutes while running and he didn't understand why at first, until he noticed it happened every time he went past a street light. It got increasingly worse, until finally he went past one and he could barely breathe, and was having severe coughing fits, it didn't stop until he completely left the area. I could go on and on, there are so many people with experiences like this. 



 As said before, 5G does not only use 60 GHz it can go up to 300 GHz which has been publicly admitted. According to a number of experts in the area however it will not be limited to 300 GHz either. The people behind this can turn it up and down whenever they feel like it. One man from the Navy, who is a microwave weapons expert, stated that 5G is more dangerous then a nuclear bomb. Due to the fact that you can kill one, or many, with it in a stealth way. The Military has had the technology for a long time already. The Active Denial System for example, uses 95 GHz, it is used to disperse crowds. The reason it disperses crowds, is when you're hit with 95 GHz it feels the equivalent of your body being on fire, it can also burn you. The Military uses it in things like protests. The Military also has lethal energy weapons, which 5G uses similar technology. A number of people from the Military who are experts in microwave weapons, as well as others who have done considerable research on this have stated 5G will be able to deliver lethal amounts of radiation. A number of people have taken apart your everyday street lights and found heavy duty 5G technology in them, with the capacity to instantly kill you. Not only that but the technology found in these street lights is also illegal, that is how serious it is. It does not take much directed energy at your head or heart to be lethal. People collapsing in Wuhan come to mind again? Wouldn't this give the New World Order control - aim and fire at whoever you want to take out. And even if none of this was true (which it is), it still wouldn't change the fact that through the 5G smart grid we will loose all our freedom and privacy. Governments around the world have stated how badly they want this out, that they want to be the first to have their 5G grids "at all costs", they are all racing to be the first to do it.



So what is neuralink and why is it important? Neuralink is another one of Elon Musk's brilliant inventions (or so he says) which will give the New World Order as much control over the population as they could possibly have. On the note of Elon Musk, if you think hes a good guy think again. Elon Musk is a big player behind 5G. Not to mention his baby who was just recently born with his girlfriend who claims to be a witch/elf, was named X Æ A-12. Æ stands for artificial intelligence, so basically he literally just named his baby artificial intelligence. Who will probably be one of his first neuralink victims. I think that speaks volumes in itself. And lets not even get into the AI issue, I know this article is already long so I won't expand on that but you should do research on AI as well.


Neuralink in simple terms is this, a computer in your head. What they want to do is put an implant in your skull, which connects to your brain. So basically they are turning you into half computer. What this does is give you the ability to control technology without lifting a finger, you can control things with your thoughts. You would be able to control your phone or your computer just by thinking about it, and at a faster rate then the human brain could do on its own. But that isn't all it does, you can be sure this will connect through 5G. So think about that for a second, your brain is connected to 5G, which is connected to everything else, which other people are connected to. So in theory, you're connected to other people, aka who needs to talk anymore you can all mind read each other. This brings the question on if someone's brain could be hacked, can you control someone else's thoughts, can you put thoughts/ideas into someone else's mind. You could probably even kill someone through this. Not only that, but you will not be able to tell what is fake from what is reality. The people who are controlling this behind the scenes, will be able to put images into your brain, and you will see them as if they are really there. They can control what you think, what you do, once you have control of someone's brain its over. The elite have already admitted this, years ago that this is what they planned. That through microchips, nanotechnology, and stuff like neuralink that they want to have control over the person's brain. Control their actions, implant false memories, control what they think. This is DANGEROUS stuff, and we cannot allow it to happen. Right now it's said that this will be an optional thing, which people will probably get anyway since it sounds "cool" and like a sci-fi movie. But when the time comes, at some point I'm sure they will make this mandatory as well, let's face it. This is real technology that we have right now, its been tested on animals as well as primates already and it is working. Chimps have been able to control computers with their minds. They are supposed to begin human trials in 2020, and are planning on having it rolled out by 2030.   




I'm hoping you have read the entire article and have been able to piece this together yourself, but I will put a summary here. It's not hard to understand, the point of everything discussed here is this. Create fake pandemic > deploy inhuman technology > mandate vaccine which contains digital ID and possibly dangerous virus causing contents > brainwash the population to accepting control for long enough until they have the ability to take control themselves > ultimately use all this to take complete control of everyone on the planet. I say to you, this is a WAR without a single shot being fired. This is FASCISM, this is NAZI GERMANY globally, this is pure EVIL, this is a psychological game, it is MIND CONTROL at its finest.

The people who have the ability to question what they are being told, people who have proof to discredit this whole thing are being silenced. A scientist recently who was about to publish "breakthrough findings about Covid 19" was conveniently found murdered and his assailant also found dead, how convenient. Lots of convenient suicides happening, lots of strange disappearances.

 Or how about the latest bill introduced to the White House? The bill is called this, I kid you not, 6666. Isn't it interesting all the things called 666 these days. This bill will make it legal for the government/military to come into your home, and if anyone is suspected sick they can take those family members out of your home including your kids to "concentration camps". I mean the only thing they haven't done so far is put us in gas chambers but its probably coming. They are testing this in California already, even though this isn't actually legal yet. Even though it hasn't been officially passed yet the state medical officer says it "WILL" happen nationwide. Just go back to earlier in the article when I mention the actual "quarantine camps" the US government is setting up where they will take your kids. People who receive benefits/money from the government are being warned that they all have to get tested for Covid by a specific date. If they don't their benefits will be suspended. If you test positive, they have the right to take your kids away (anyone under 18) to these "quarantine camps" aka Nazi Germany concentration camps. And it has already been stated that it will happen in many other countries. This is complete insanity! 

 Or how about Denmark, where they have stated they will not end lockdown until a vaccine is found. And once a vaccine is found, the military will be able to come into your home and force you to get vaccinated. Lockdown is being lessened up in some areas now, but don't be deceived we still have more waves coming after all. Plus the so called "opened up" areas have rules in place still that are total insanity, they are not actually opened up. We are being ruled by people who desire nothing more then power. The few politicians and other people with authority who are not in on this, who knows what is being done to them. They could be drugged and brainwashed for all we know, and yes this really does happen. The CIA etc has brainwashing and mind control abilities, and technology far beyond what most people think possible.

Oh, and just in case you were thinking of debunking this article, which I am sure will be banned everywhere and "fact checked" by everything. Just figured I would let you know that all your fact checkers are a joke. The fact checker that facebook and google use, guess who their biggest funder is, just that guy named Bill Gates. Not kidding he even owns the fact checkers. Oh and google who uses this fact checker funded by Bill Gates, also has a $760 million partnership with the world's larges vaccine manufacturer. Google also has similar partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies. Snopes is also corrupt, I could go on and on. 


So how are we going to make a difference? There are far more of us then there are of them. We need to take our rights back. The most dangerous part in this whole thing, is people with no knowledge of what is going on. OR people who know what is going on, but won't do anything about it. This is how they get you, this is how they take control and this is why they are sitting back laughing at how clueless/useless we are. I do not condone violence, but this is what I suggest. 

We are currently prisoners in our own country, and in our homes. Get out of your caves! Go out into the world, and live a normal life. Business owners, open your businesses. If you don't want to wear a mask (which is actually more harmful then good), and you don't want to social distance, then don't do it. Get out and PROTEST this lockdown, demand that everything be opened up. Protest the rollout of 5G, to those of you burning the towers down good for you. REFUSE to take the vaccine and any sort of Digital ID. Sign petitions to have this stuff stopped. If thousands of people in all your communities come out and do this, what are they going to do? They can't arrest thousands of people, they wouldn't be able to do anything. Most of all SHARE INFORMATION, there are so many people who only believe and see what the mainstream media is telling us. Share this article, share the videos, share the proof. Get the knowledge out there faster than they can censor it. DON'T BE A SHEEPLE!!   

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  1. Yes,we need foot soldiers
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    1. Thank you! Please share with friends and invite your friends to join the site its free. Its so hard to get the word out when all the well known social media platforms are censoring everything!

  2. This is the absolute truth. I have been researching for weeks and I am very aware of what is happening. I truly hope that people awaken before it is too late…….

  3. This is really what I am missing. I know fairly good what Trump, Q Anon and their equippe are doing in order to eliminate the Cabal’s plans. But I did not very clearly know what the Cabal have planned to do; So here it is now!
    Can I get a copy of this article in Dutch, please, anad if not, english is OK as well.
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  4. This is so good, so many informations! Man, I can see a big effort here, thank you for that! Shared… ✌️

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  6. Very interesting! I’ve had the feeling this all ties into NWO. Our current president is getting in the way. That’s a big reason there is such an anti-Trump sentiment. I am thankful for my knowledge that God is on control and His will will be done.

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